Samueli School of Engineering 2030 Strategic Plan

The (e+) Equation

As designers and builders of the modern world, engineers have a responsibility to address the most important global grand challenges facing society. The solutions will need to cross disciplinary lines and require collaborative efforts between engineers, and physical and social scientists, health professionals, businesses, and policymakers. At the UCI Samueli School of Engineering, we call this Engineering Plus, or simply “e+.” The interpretation of this inclusive concept is that although engineering is at the center of these big, impactful research questions, we must go beyond historical, disciplinary boundaries and adopt a deeply collaborative approach. To that end, and over the next decade, it is our ambition that the Samueli School will become one of the preeminent institutions in the world dedicated to the creation of knowledge.

The 2030 strategic plan is designed to formalize the e+ notion and position the school as a leader in defining what a highly connected, innovative, inclusive, and forward-thinking engineering program could look like. It is intended to be a dynamic, living document that helps guide decisions and resource allocations, and most importantly, inspires our community and stakeholders.

Over the next decade, we will embrace the e+ approach to educational journeys, collaborative research, and meaningful partnerships. To learn more, download the complete plan.