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NOTE: The GRE test is not required and will not be reviewed for the Fall 2024 Admission Application.

What is the GRE test?

Click this link for further information: GRE

Is the GRE test required?

No. The GRE test is not required and will not be reviwed for the Fall 2024 admission application.

What is the minimum GRE score requirements for admission?

There is no minimum GRE score required. The search committee reviews your GRE scores holistically if GRE is required.

Am I allowed to submit my GRE scores via email or mail in a paper copy?

No. GRE scores must be submitted electronically through ETS.

What is the institution code I submit my GRE score to?

GRE scores must be submitted electronically from ETS and sent to our UCI Graduate Division Institution code 4859.

What department code do I select when submitting?

NO department code is needed, only the institution code.

How long does it take for my GRE score to be received electronically?

Please allow at least 2 weeks submission time for your scores to be received and processed by UCI.

Will you accept an expired GRE score?

No. GRE test results are not valid for more than five years from your test date.

What if my GRE test date cannot be scheduled until near or after the January 15 deadline?

Applicants should register for either the October or December test dates (AT THE LATEST) to ensure the timely receipt of their score results to be RECEIVED in the department by the given January 15 deadline. All application materials (for example: GRE scores, reference letters, transcripts) must be submitted/received by the application deadline, January 15. 

What if I have a newer/better score or I want to retest and submit my second score, what should I do?

Submit your existing score electronically through ETS just to be sure we receive a score from you to meet the GRE score submission requirement by the deadline. Then you are able to re-submit your second score electronically through ETS, the same way you submitted your original score. BOTH scores will be visible to the admissions staff search committee.

I was not notified that I was missing required documents (ex: transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation). What should I do?

As a reminder, the department does not notify applicants of missing documents. It is the responsibility of the applicant to review the checklist on their application status page to confirm all documents are received

If you have any further questions that may not have been answered from this page, please visit UCI's Graduate Division FAQ page.

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