Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design, manufacture, and control machines ranging from robots to aircraft and spacecraft, design engines and power plants that drive these machines, analyze the environmental impact associated with power generation, and strive to promote environmental quality. To achieve their goals, mechanical engineers use mathematics, physics, and chemistry together with engineering science and technology in areas such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer, dynamics, controls, and atmospheric science. Mechanical Engineering students at UCI learn the problem-solving, modeling, and testing skills required to contribute to advances in modern technology.

Mechanical Engineering undergraduates complete required courses that provide engineering fundamentals and technical electives that allow students to study particular areas of interest. Specializations are available in: Aerospace Engineering, Energy Systems and Environmental Engineering, Flow Physics ad Propulsion Systems and Design and Mechanical Systems. Independent research opportunities allow students to pursue other avenues for focusing their studies.

Mechanical Engineering Educational Mission and Goals

2022-2023 ME Freshman Flowchart