Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MAE Seminars

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) seminars are held according to the schedule shown below. Unless indicated otherwise in this schedule, the MAE seminars are held at 10:30-11:30 am on Fridays during the academic year via Zoom until further notice. The seminars (MAE298) are mandatory for first-year graduate students. For more information, please call 949-824-5406.

Fall Quarter 2021

Friday, October 8
Speaker: Peyman Givi
Title: Turbulent Combustion Computation in the Age of Big Data and Quantum Information
Location: Zoom Link
Host: Feng Liu

Friday, October 22
Speaker: Necmiye Ozay
Title: Coordination of for large collections of dynamical systems with constraint satisfaction guarantees
Location: TBA
Host: Tryphon Georgiou

Friday, October 29
Speaker: Magnus Egerstedt
Title: Constraint-Based Control Design for Long Duration Autonomy
Location: TBA
Host: Camilo Vélez Cuervo

Friday, November 5
Speaker: Nicholas R. Glavin
Title: Enabling Multifunctional Sensors with 2D Materials
Location: TBA
Host: SungWoo Nam