Research is integral to the Samueli School of Engineering’s mission to educate students and benefit society. The school’s talented faculty continues to lead the charge toward innovation, advancement of knowledge and development of groundbreaking technology.

The Samueli School’s experimental spaces and computational infrastructure occupy 295,000 square feet and include a wide-ranging assortment of research centers, institutes and lab facilities. Faculty members pursue exploration in four principal research thrusts: Communications and Information Technology, Energy and Sustainability, Human Health, and Advanced Manufacturing and Materials.

Samueli School professors and researchers collaborate across disciplines and geographic boundaries, nationally and internationally, to pursue new ideas and bring cutting-edge projects to fruition. The school actively seeks to assist those interested in commercialization, as well, helping them bridge the gap between the lab and the marketplace. And students use the school’s myriad facilities to gain hands-on experience in engineering research procedures and processes; more than two-thirds of undergraduate students actively participate in faculty-led research.

Research underway at the Samueli School continues to expand the reach and potential of engineering and technology, and remains poised to improve daily life in communities across the globe.