Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Educational Experience


Design Projects

Design is an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum. Design experience includes the mechanical engineering senior design project (MAE189) and the aircraft design project (MAE159). One of our most innovative programs is the Engineering Design in Industry (MAE188) which unites Engineering faculty and company-based advisors to provide a unique experience of problem solving in an industrial context.

Engineering Internships

There are many engineering internship opportunities with local companies for students in MAE. A good place to find these opportunities is the UCI Career Center website.

Undergraduate Research Projects

A valuable dimension of a UCI MAE undergraduate education is that students have the opportunity to interact with faculty who are internationally renowned for their research. Many MAE faculty welcome undergraduate volunteers to assist in their research. To pursue such an opportunity, try doing some background reading about a professor's research using theirweb site, and then email faculty directly or stop by during office hours. UCI also has an excellent Undergraduate Research Opportunties program which provides financial support for undergraduate research during the school year and during the summer.

Engineering Study Abroad

UCI MAE supports study abroad, which can satisfy course credit for the MAE program (if courses are carefully planned prior to study abroad), while providing an enriching experience and multinational perspective on engineering.