Purchasing Requests

How to submit a Purchase Request to purchasing@eng.uci.edu

1 Download Purchase Request Form (Please do not change formatting)
2 Draft separate emails for each vendor (*see subject line format) 
3 Obtain approval from PI/ Authorized designate (CAO for department funds)
4a PI/ Authorized designate can submit to purchasing@eng.uci.edu as their email implies approval. One Purchasing request per email separated by a vendor/addressee
4b Student/Staff can submit to purchasing@eng.uci.edu making sure that approval email or a signature on the form is included. One Purchasing request per email separated by a vendor/addressee
  1. Complete the current Purchase Request Form. This form is undergoing frequent updates as improvements are suggested and implemented. The most up-to-date version can be found at the top right of this page, so we recommend that you bookmark this site. Please DO NOT CHANGE THE FORMATTING on the form. If you have more items to list in the same order, use an additional form. Add any other relevant information regarding your order in the body of your email.
  2. Multiple orders should be emailed individually separating them per vendor and/or delivery address. Please include a vendor and a PI in the subject line as in the example below. This will ensure the most efficient handling and tracking of orders by the Purchasing department and allows for accurate confirmations and follow up.
  3. Obtain approval first prior to submitting to Purchasing.UCI Purchasing requires PI approved purchases with an account number clearly stated on the Purchasing form. E-mail the completed Purchasing Request form to the PI/Authorized designate and /or CAO (for department funds) to obtain approval. DO NOT “cc” Purchasing on emails while you are communicating to get an approval or to finalize purchasing items. This duplicates requests and unnecessarily involves multiple buyers in the same order.
  4. Submit your Purchasing request. The PI/Authorized designate will then forward the email with your attachment to Purchasing-purchasing@eng.uci.edu. If the submittal originates with a PI/Authorized designate, approval is implied. Confirmations are sent to the requestor on the Purchasing form.

    If a student or staff member submits the Purchasing request, the PI/Authorized designate approval email or signature on the form itself must be included with submission to show approval. 

    The subject line of the email should include the vendor and the PI’s name, and anything else that would be important for your projects, for example: McMaster, Walter - Rocket Group 3

     A submission example is as follows: 

  5. Purchasing Submission Example
















General notes about submitting purchases:

  1. The purchasing email is an internal ticketing system. Please do not use it as a general email address to give to vendors or to use as a cc. EVERY incoming email is seen as a new purchase request to be distributed to a buyer and if the ticket information is not already in the subject line to link it to an existing request, it will be assigned a new number.
  2. When you receive the Ticket number from the system, use the provided subject line to follow up with the order if you don’t otherwise receive a separate email directly from the buyer.
  3. For general questions NOT related to a specific order, email soepurchasing@uci.edu