Purchasing Requests

Please use the attached form below for submitting purchase requests to the Henry Samueli School of Engineering Purchasing and Reimbursements Office.

Required Process For How to Place an Order

Electronic Submission:

  1. Complete the Samueli School Purchase Request Form. The form is undergoing frequent updates as improvements are suggested and implemented. The up-to-date version can be found at the top right of this page. We recommend that you bookmark this site.
  2. If the order is needed by a certain date or special handing is required, please note this clearly on the order and call or stop by the Purchasing Office to follow up.
  3. Due to the required email subject naming structure and distribution of vendors across multiple buyers, please submit only one order per email. Multiple orders should be emailed individually with each vendor in the subject as in the example below. This will ensure the most efficient handling of orders by the purchasing department and allows for better filing of orders should follow-up be requested.
  4. E-mail completed form to PI/Authorized designate (or Department Manager for department funds) to obtain approval.
  5. The PI/Authorized designate will forward the e-mail with attachment as follows:

    1. To: purchasing@eng.uci.edu
    3. cc: TEC Analyst (to initiate the approval process if order is over $1000, or funds are running low or nearing the project end date.)
    5. Subject: PO-Vendor Name-PI Last Name (or Dept Name for Dept Funds)

    6. Purchasing Example

      1. For Rush Orders…Subject: RUSH PO-Vendor Name-PI Last Name
      3. Tips:
        • For time-sensitive orders or orders that require special handling, note this clearly on the order. We also recommend that the requester visit or call a buyer in the Purchasing & Reimbursements Office to discuss the details of the purchase.