Purchasing Requests

The Samueli School of Engineering online Purchasing request form provides an easy-to-use application for creating and submitting purchasing requests online to be processed by the SSoE Purchasing team.

Login to submit purchase requests or track the status of existing requests. The online Purchasing form automatically routes requests through the approval and submittal process from PI to the SSoE Purchasing unit with additional fiscal officer approval, when needed. 

Before you start 

  • Submit one Purchase Request form per vendor
  • Attach all quotations or other descriptive information to the Purchase request form*
  • If you are buying software or software/computing services, OIT approval is required**
  • If you are buying computing equipment, contracted vendor quotes are required***

Submit an online purchase request 

  1. Click on New Purchase Request (login with UCInetID required).
  2. Fill in all required fields.
  3. If you have more items to list in the same order, click the Add another item button.
  4. Add any other relevant information or special instructions regarding your order in the Notes field.
  5. Click the Submit button. To save in-progress work instead, click Save As Draft and you can edit and submit it later.
  6. You will get a confirmation email from the Purchasing Ticket system to track your order.
  7. Your PI will get a confirmation email from the Purchasing Ticket system to approve electronically.

Please note If you are acting as both submitter and approver: As the approver, you will receive an email from our RT ticket system requesting additional action on the order request you submitted. Please log on to the RT Self-Service portal, mark “APPROVE” or “DENY” and then submit to complete the process.

New purchase request 

Required Fields:

  • Vendor name
  • PI/Approver Name
  • PI/Approver Email (e.g. ucinetid@uci.edu)
  • Requestor Name
  • Requestor Email (e.g. ucinetid@uci.edu)
  • Requestor Phone
  • Delivery Address
  • KFS Account
  • For each item: 
  • quantity,
  • units (ea, bx, pk, etc.)
  • description/part number
  • unit price

Purchasing uses an internal ticketing system. Requestors will receive a confirmation email with a Purchasing Ticket number. For correspondence about the order, reply to the ticket confirmation email and include the provided subject line to follow up with the order.

You can track the status of your order through the ticket self-service portal.

Please do not use the ticket system as a general email address to give to vendors or to use as a cc. For general questions NOT related to a specific order, contact us at soepurchasing@uci.edu. EVERY incoming email to the ticket system is seen as a new purchase request to be distributed to a buyer, and if the ticket number information is not in the subject line, a new purchase request will be created.

*Please provide quotes or a Statement of Work with your Purchasing request.  An approved Purchase order by UCI Procurement must be in place prior to committing University funds for products or services.  If you are submitting an invoice instead of a quote or Statement of Work, this implies this is already an approved request. If a PR form is submitted to the SSoE Purchasing team, after- the -fact, please provide a justification.

The Contracts department in the Central UCI Procurement office is responsible for signing all contracts or agreements requested by vendors. They will analyze and review the Terms and Conditions to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, and UC or Campus policies. No one is to sign any contracts or agreements on behalf of the university except for Contract Services.

**Procurement, Licensing and Reimbursement of Software Products

Any software including ChatGPT and other AI products or services where a third-party supplier has access to University information needs to be reviewed as an approved vendor and use case for security, privacy, legal, and risk.

Please fill out a Supplier Security Review Questionnaire https://procurement.uci.edu/_files/documents/procurement/forms/sw-procurement-questionnaire.pdf and send it to securityreviews@uci.edu for review. They will probably have some questions for you on the data that is being sent through the software. So, it is best that you send the questionnaire yourself so they can provide any details should the Security team have any questions for you. 

Once the review/approval is received via email (it will come from ServiceNow), please include it along with the Supplier Security Review Questionnaire as attachments to your online Purchasing request. The same requirement of security review and the questionnaire applies to reimbursements for software purchased out of pocket. 

***All computing equipment paid for with University funds needs to be purchased from contracted suppliers. Minimum Security standards are enforced by UCI Purchasing, requiring that mobile devices are encrypted and laptop computers have hardware and software support for encryption. Computers and other equipment purchased with University funds remain the property of the Samueli School of Engineering. 

For Apple and HP computer quotes, please reach out to CDWG at ucteam@cdwg.com 

For Dell Computers quotes, please reach out to Ashley Gonzalez, office 800-456-3355 ext. 618-3504, Ashley_Gonzalez@Dell.com

For CDWG, please reach out to Sarah Park, office 312.705.0287 ext. 50287, Sarah.Park@cdwg.com  |  Paul Cardamone, office (203) 851-7221, paul.cardamone@cdwg.com

For Apple Education, please reach out to Tiger Leonard, Apple Education, for UCI Buy quotes, phone 512- 718-5279, tiger@apple.com 

Important: Once you receive a quote please submit it along with your Purchasing request form.

Other non-contracted suppliers: 
If you are planning on purchasing new computer equipment from a non- contracted supplier, please email SSoE Computing at helpdesk@eng.uci.edu with specific details about what you would like to buy, and they will advise and/or prepare an e-quote. All Computing Support e-quotes include warranties. Keep in mind all purchases must include a 4-year warranty (PC) or AppleCare+ for Education (Mac).