Department of Biomedical Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the application fee be waived?

The fee can be waived for qualified domestic applicants only. Fee waiver information can be found on Graduate Division's website here.

Note that the application fee is paid to UCI's Graduate Divison and the department has no authority to waive the fee.

Is it easier to be admitted for the Fall, Winter or Spring quarter?

Applications are accepted for Fall quarter only. 

May I defer my admission offer?

The Department of Biomedical Engineering allows student to defer admission for one year only. Please notify the Graduate Academic Coordinator if requesting a deferral.

If a student declines the offer of admission, the student's application will be closed for that academic year. Supporting documents are retained for two years in the event a student wishes to re-apply at a later date.

Do I need to match with a research advisor before applying?

No. Our M.S. and Ph.D. programs are rotational, meaning that students have the opportunity to rotate in at least 2 labs before matching with their research advisor. Students are able to rotate and match with any core or affiliate faculty. We strongly urge applicants to review our faculty prior to applying to ensure there are multiple faculty that meet your research interests. Note that not all faculty accept new students into their lab each year. Please reach out to faculty directly to inquire if they are recruiting. 


Are my chances of being admitted to a graduate degree program in the Department better if I do not require financial assistance?

Our program offers guaranteed funding for all admitted Ph.D. students, unless they have external funding sources. Details of your financial package will be included in the offer of admission. The committee considers all applications equally, regardless of financial need. 

Can I be employed as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)?

To be hired as a TA or GSR, students must provide proof of eligibility for employment on campus. Any students (domestic or international) must meet the English language proficiency requirement before being allowed to TA. Requirements can be found here.


Will I be required to work as a TA or a GSR in return for the stipend?

Ph.D. students are only required to TA if they do not match after 2 quarters (6 months) of lab rotations. TA positions provide in-state tuition remission and a salary for hours worked. GSR positions are expected for all students once they have matched with their research advisors. 

Will my admission offer include guaranteed access to on-campus housing?

With UCI Guaranteed Housing Program, incoming Ph.D. students will be provided on-campus housing for the normative time to degree. Guaranteed housing offers will be made for the Fall quarter only and cannot be deferred. All newly admitted students are responsible for applying on their own to live on campus; you will receive information direct from the UCI Housing Office concerning the various housing options available on campus. Early applications to live in on-campus housing are strongly encouraged. 

M.S. students do not receive guaranteed housing, but are typically able to secure campus housing, if desired.