Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


The department offers a rich and diverse educational experience for students interested in majoring in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering or their combination. Students can dual major in mechanical and aerospace engineering by satisfying the degree requirements for both majors. Dual degrees with other majors, mechanical engineering and materials science for example, are also possible. The undergraduate majors in Aerospace Engineering (AE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) are accredited by the Engineering Accrediatation Commission of ABET, Courses are taught by leading experts in their fields, and in addition to coursework, students are engaged in comprehensive research and design activities. Programs prepare students for leadership careers in industry and for continuing their education in graduate school.

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Undergraduate Advisors

Aerospace Engineering

Assistant Professor
Jacqueline Huynh
(949) 824-3561

Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Professor of Teaching
David Copp
(949) 824-7829