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NASA Awards Support STEM Research at Minority Serving Institutions

NASA has selected 23 minority-serving institutions to receive $1.2 million to grow their research and technology capabilities, collaborate on research projects, and contribute to the agency’s missions for the benefit of humanity. … The awardees are as follows: … University of California, Irvine - Flexible Modular Robots for Extreme Access …. Read More

4 Challenges For Transforming Manufacturing Through AI

Industry Today -
Pramod P. Khargonekar, ERVA Co-Principal Investigator; UCI Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Vice Chancellor for Research writes, “The power of artificial intelligence to transform industry is often taken as a given. However, there is a gap between expectations and implementation that many industry leaders are not addressing. One essential element in the AI transformation equation is the need to proactively bridge two crucial fields: AI and engineering.” Read More

Higher-ed plays a crucial role in filling AI engineering needs

ECampus News -
“This emerging fusion of the AI and engineering fields represents a profound opportunity to make breakthrough research advances as well as to address some of the most pressing challenges facing society today,” said Pramod Khargonekar, professor of electrical engineering and computer science and vice chancellor for research at the University of California, Irvine, and chair of the visioning event. “By leveraging AI to enhance engineering research and innovation and vice versa, we can achieve unparalleled progress and create a brighter future for all.” Read More
Spectrum News

UCI study offers data to better manage shrinking beaches

Spectrum News 1 -
Science may offer some help guiding the best way to manage the beaches, including a study out of UC Irvine that looks at how the beaches have been growing or shrinking and in which direction the sand is moving. Graduate student and UCI Flood Lab researcher Daniel Kahl, lead author of the study, speaks about some of his findings. Professor Brett Sanders, the study's co-author, discusses shrinking beaches and their potential effects and how the study could offer a cost-benefit analysis of some beach erosion mitigation methods. Read More

The Era of Super-Wild Weather Is Already Here

Bloomberg -
“The common denominator here is rising temperatures,” says Amir AghaKouchak, a professor at University of California, Irvine who has studied the future risk of compound events. “Temperature has increased significantly, and it’s contributing to all of [the disasters] and it’s intensifying maybe the relationship between different hazards.” Read More

Home designed by OC college students to be used for transitional youth housing

The Orange County Register -
The modular unit was designed and built by a group of 30 students from UC Irvine and Orange Coast College as part of the inaugural Orange County Sustainability Decathlon. The competition brought together college students to not only get hands-on architecture experience, but to do so with affordability and sustainability in mind. … “The ADU gifted from UCI and OCC is going to give us the ability to expand our program. Currently with just the home that we have, we can serve up to nine individuals, both male and female,” Alfa Hernandez, program director at HIS-OC, said. Read More
ABC News

OC college students design, build ADU to help homeless youth who have aged out of foster care system

Students from UC Irvine and Orange Coast College designed, engineered and built the two-bedroom accessory dwelling unit - or ADU - to address the state's housing needs and be sustainable. The group worked with Danielian Associates to construct the home. "It was about three months worth of work. The number of students varied from 30 to 50 students. Ninety percent of them were all women students," said Victor Alvarez, Danielian's chief technology manager. Watch More
Orange County Business Journal

Irvine Startup Introduces Bandage-Sized Respiratory Monitor

Orange County Business Journal -
Makani Science is developing a wearable respiration monitor using a popular children’s toy. The Irvine-based medtech startup’s product is a bandage-sized patch made from plastic sheets that shrink when heated. The company says the product provides continuous monitoring to help detect disruptions in someone’s breathing. ... Makani is an accumulation of over 10 years of research done by University of California, Irvine biomedical engineering professor Michelle Khine. Khine co-founded the company alongside one of her past doctoral students Michael Chu, who is now chief technology office ... Read More

California's beaches are eroding: An expert explains how to save them

Phys Org -
Brett Sanders and his research group, the UCI Flood Lab, have developed advanced coastal dynamics simulation technologies through remote sensing to monitor sand movement and identify hot spots of sand depletion. This could help plan for mitigation efforts against further beach erosion. Read More
Capital & Main

California’s Dream of a Green Hydrogen Future Could Backfire

Capital & Main -
California’s current energy mix would result in 11 kilograms of carbon emissions for every kilogram of hydrogen produced ... The Treasury Department’s solution to such problems is to offer tax credits to hydrogen producers who ensure that their electricity comes from clean sources that adds to existing clean electricity already on the grid. That would prevent producers from monopolizing the grid’s renewable power. They would also have to confirm that the clean power goes to electrolyzers as it is generated. Such requirements could “delay the advancement of clean renewable hydrogen production in California,” said Jack Brouwer, director of the Clean Energy Institute at UC Irvine, at the hearing in Sacramento. He was heavily involved in preparing California’s hydrogen hub application. Read More


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