Department of Biomedical Engineering


Industry is a full partner in Biomedical Engineering. The Corporate Advisory Board was formed in 1999 and is comprised of senior executives representing a range from start-up to major biomedical device and diagnostics companies, venture capital, consulting firms, and professional service providers. The board meets quarterly to assist academic leadership several ways.

Curriculum Development

  • The Board advises UCI on its strong interest in the establishment of a biomedical engineering minor to complement the major at the undergraduate level, and for a one-year Master's degree in biomedical engineering. Industry sponsorship of specific project assignment in new design and independent study courses is also forthcoming following reassurance that proprietary rights waivers by students are appropriate where warranted by the subject matter.

Student Internships and Continuing Education

  • In addition to the curriculum development and course project sponsorship described above, the Corporate Advisory Board is a full partner in developing customized summer internship experiences to ensure that the workforce remains current with rapid technology advances affecting their operations. Collaboration between the Biomedical Engineering Center and other offices within UCI (e.g. University Extension) will be an important element of the industry-university partnership as the program evolves.

Access to UCI Facilities and Resources

  • The HSSOE at UCI is committed to the establishment of a state-of-the-art micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanoscale technologies core laboratory to support both faculty and industry research and prototyping requirements as part of this initiative. The Corporate Advisory Board will serve as a liaison between local industry and core facilities. The equipment and facilities within the BLIMC, SBS, and COM also represent important resources for biomedical companies, as does access to the faculty for consulting purposes.

Technology Transfer

  • The expectation that research collaborations between biomedical device, diagnostics and related computational companies and the faculty at UCI will result in increased numbers of discoveries and commercial products which are fundamental to the vision of the Center. The UC Irvine Office of Technology Alliances establishes guidelines for this process.

Current Members

Zoran Nenadic
UC Irvine

Bill Link
Versant Ventures

David Cuccia
Modulated Imaging

Bruce Feuchter
Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth

Stanton Rowe
NXT Biomedical

Thomas Yuen
PrimeGen Biotech

Nicolaos Alexopoulos
Broadcom Foundation

Vasudev Bailey

Thomas Frinzi
Johnson & Johnson Vision

Thomas Burns
Glaukos Corp.

David Bardin
Glaukos Corp.