FAQs for Engineering Instructors

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Course Enrollment

A student has failed a prerequisite to my course and has asked me for permission to enroll. What are my options?

The registration system will normally not allow a student to enroll in a course for which he/she has not passed one of the prerequisites. As the course instructor you have a few options:

  1. Not allow the student to enroll (default).
  2. Give the student an informal quiz so that you can judge whether or not he/she has sufficient knowledge to take your course. You will need to complete a Prerequisite Substitution Form and submit it to the Student Affairs Office.

A student told me that he/she isn’t able to enroll in my course.

Please refer the student to the CASA office (REC 114, engcasa@uci.edu) for assistance.

Grading Policies

What are the conditions to give a student an I (Incomplete) grade in a course?

The grade Incomplete (I) may be assigned when a student's work is of passing quality but is incomplete for good cause (e.g., serious illness). The student must make arrangements with you to complete the coursework within 12 months. The instructor is not obligated to allow the maximum time period. Otherwise the I grade will automatically change to a failing grade.

What do I do if a student has not turned in any assignments during the entire quarter?

If you have no graded material by which to determine a student’s final grade in a course, you can leave the final grade blank, or indicate an NR (No Record) grade.

What is an IP grade?

An In-Progress (IP) grade can be given for a course that extends over more than one quarter where the evaluation of a student’s performance is deferred until the end of the final quarter. The IP grades are replaced by the final grade after the student completes the full sequence.

A student enrolled in my course has asked to complete an extra-credit assignment in order to improve his/her grade. Can I do this?

An instructor cannot offer an additional or extra credit assignments to a particular student without making it available to all students in the class.

A student enrolled in my course has told me that he/she must receive a certain grade in order to stay in his/her academic program. How should I respond?

In general you should follow your course syllabus in determining each student’s final grade in your course. A student’s academic standing should not affect his/her final grade in your course. Moreover, it is not any single grade or class that has put the student in a probationary status; it is their overall academic record. The student should receive the grade earned in your class. Feel free to refer the student to Engineering Student Affairs if this causes any difficulties.

A student enrolled in my course has asked me to lower their grade to a  C- so that they can take the course again. Why are they asking me this and how should I respond?

You are receiving this request because students may repeat only those courses in which they received a grade of C- or below. In general you should follow your course syllabus in determining each student’s final grade in your course.

What should I include in my course syllabus?

You must include the following information in your course syllabus:

  1. Brief course description
  2. Your office hours (include UC policy)
  3. Your contact information
  4. Exam dates and times
  5. Prerequisites
  6. Course outcomes
  7. Grading policy
  8. Academic honesty policies (e.g., whether students can students collaborate on homework assignments)

My TA caught a student cheating during an exam. What should I do?

Reporting of academic misconduct is handled by the UCI Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct. You can find more details on the procedures at this link:


For additional support you are encouraged to discuss the incident with your Department Chair or one of the Associate Deans.

My course has reached the capacity of the classroom. How should I reply to students who are trying to enroll? Can’t you move it to a larger classroom?

Please contact CASA (engcasa@uci.edu) to request a larger room.

What is a passing grade in an undergraduate course?

Any grade between A+ and D- for an undergraduate course is considered passing, and the student can then take the next course in a prerequisite sequence. Only an F grade is failing.

What is a passing grade in a graduate course?

Any grade between A+ and B for a graduate course is considered passing. A grade of B- or below is failing.

I made an error in grading and need to change a student’s final grade in my course. How do I do this?

If the course was offered within the last 5 years, you can make a post-quarter grade change: Log on to UCI Webgrades (https://www.reg.uci.edu/perl/WebGrades), choose the appropriate quarter and course, and then click “Request Post-Quarter Grade Changes.” You will then be able to update the final course grade(s). If you select "clerical error" as the reason, please be specific when describing this error.

When can a student add or drop my course?

Until the end of Week 2, students can add or drop courses on their own. Between Weeks 3 and 6, students may petition to add a course with the permission of the instructor and the Associate Dean via Enrollment Exception; students may petition to drop a course with the permission of the Associate Dean via Enrollment Exception. After Week 6, a student may petition to withdraw from a course with the permission of the Associate Dean, but the course will remain on the student’s transcript with a W (withdrawal) notation. Because of the sequencing of courses, prerequisites and resources, drops after week 6 are seldom approved, and only with documentation of extenuating circumstances.

Course Scheduling

I need to teach my course at a particular day/time.

Due to the large increase in engineering enrollments and lack of classrooms, unfortunately not all preferences can be accommodated. If you feel that you have a compelling reason for requesting particular days/times for your courses, please communicate this to your Department Chair. The Chairs will then prioritize these preferences to the CASA staff, who will do their best to accommodate those preferences that your Chair determines to be the most critical. Please note that the more flexible your preference is, the better chance that it will be accommodated. In particular, if you prefer to teach 2 days per week (as most of us do), there is increased availability after 5pm. The beginning of the scheduling process corresponding to each quarter is listed in this table:

Quarter Time to make request
Fall Early May
Winter Late July
Spring Late October

I’m unhappy with my classroom, teaching schedule, etc. ...

You are encouraged to first discuss your concerns with your Department Chair. You can also contact the CASA staff at engcasa@uci.edu

Room Reservations

The final exam date shows on the Schedule of Classes as "TBA." What does this mean?

Each quarter certain course on campus -- often those that are offered off-module -- have their final exams designed as TBA (To Be Announced). CASA can request final exam rooms for such courses at the beginning of the 4th week of instruction for TBA final exams. To determine an appropriate final exam time, please do the following:

  1. Survey the enrolled students and select a day/time that does not conflict with any of their regularly scheduled final exams.
  2. Once a final exam day/time has been decided between the students and instructor, send the date to CASA to locate a room.

Please note that if a specific date is critical to the course (i.e. midterm, final exam, etc.), the date should be listed on the course outline/syllabus and communicated to the students prior to the start of the quarter..

How do I reserve a room for a course review session?

Please read this document and request a room via the link on that page:


Course Changes/Degree Modifications

What is the procedure for making a change to a course or a degree?

Faculty are encouraged to first discuss the proposed change with a CASA staff member to determine any impacts on other programs and/or time to degree. Any proposed course change must be signed off by the Department Chair and by either the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs or the Associate Dean for Graduate and Professional Studies. Any proposed degree modification must also report the results of a full department faculty vote in addition to the signatures.

The detailed curriculum change process description can be found at this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_Fv2hql_GCPzlTSTmSIhUvce5qHQdU4F...

Where can I find the outline and coordinator for a particular course?

Log on to the CASA web site (http://casa.eng.uci.edu) and select Curriculum → Course Outlines. After selecting the department you will a list of courses and coordinators. Clicking on a course will then take you to the course outline.