Prospective Students

High school students wishing to enter the UCI Engineering program must have completed four years of mathematics through pre-calculus or math analysis and are advised to have completed one year each of physics and chemistry. That preparation, along with honors courses and advanced placement courses, is fundamental to success in the Engineering program and is vital to receiving first consideration for admittance to an Engineering major during periods of restricted enrollments. Students applying for admission for fall quarter should complete their examination requirements during May or June of their junior year or during their senior year, but no later than the December test date. (Typically, this means that students will take the SAT or the ACT Plus Writing Test in October or November.) Applicants are strongly encouraged to take a math or science AP or SAT exam. Applicants should favor the Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test over the Math Level 1 Test. Applicants must apply for admission to a specific Engineering major or Engineering Undeclared.

If enrollment limitations make it necessary, unaccommodated Engineering applicants may be offered alternative majors at UCI.

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