Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Financial Aid for EECS Grad Students

A limited amount of financial aid is available to EECS applicants.

There are three main sources of financial aid:


A limited number of fellowships are available. When you apply online, check the box indicating interest in financial aid and you will automatically be considered for a fellowship. No further request is needed.

Graduate Student Researcher

Professors sometimes support students with their own research funds. Applicants should contact individual faculty members whose research interests are similar to their own.


Teaching Assistantships

A limited number of TAships are reserved for incoming graduate students each year. In order to qualify for a TAship, one of the following conditions must be met:

To apply for a TA position:

TA position will be appointed by the department and our office will contact you.  Appointment will depend on meeting TA requirements and making good academic progress.  Positions are limited. 

To apply for Reader Positions:

After the start of the quarter, readers are appointed by the Course Instructor.  Please contact the Instructor directly to request employment.  If selected for a reader position, the Instructor will contact our office and we will contact you.