ET Conference Room Calendars

Conference Rooms 602 & 652 Policies

  1. To view the availability of conference rooms please see below.
  2. Email to request a conference room and for any questions. Please send the name of the meeting, date, time, and duration of your session. She will confirm the reservation back by email as requests are taken first come, basis. The department will grant exceptional approvals for special events to be scheduled in advance.
  3. As these rooms are shared between departments, they may only be reserved two weeks before the next quarter and reoccurring meetings can only be booked one quarter at a time.
  4. Conference room is to be left in classroom style at the end of your meeting.
  5. If food/beverages are a part of your meeting, the meeting organizer or attendees must remove the trash and replace the trash bags in the trash cans, as janitorial only cleans the rooms once per week. The trash bag supply is on the left-hand side of the credenza.*Failure to do so may result in a loss of room-use privileges.

ET 602

ET 652