Financial Aid/Funding

How much does it cost to attend graduate school at UCI?

Tuition and fees (subject to change) may be found on the University Registrar's website.

Are Ph.D. students funded?

If admitted, Ph.D. students are offered financial support in their admissions offer letter. The years of support correlates with the student's normative Time-to-Degree for his/her program. The financial support may be a combination of funds in the form of GSR (Graduate Student Researcher) appointments from faculty advisor's research projects, TA (Teaching Assistant) appointments, Reader appointments, and/or fellowships. This support would include a monthly stipend, applicable tuition and fees and health insurance for the quarters of the the student's normative time to degree. 

What forms of financial aid are available for incoming graduate students and when can I apply for it?

There are three broad types of possible financial support offered to incoming graduate students at the department level, however, unfortunately you are unable to apply for any of these forms of financial support that is offered, prior to being admitted. 

Fellowships: The department has a small number of financial support allocations each Fall that may be offered to outstanding entering Ph.D. students only. The conditions and terms of the various support awards will vary, but they usually include the remission of fees and nonresident tuition (if applicable) and a monthly stipend for living expenses. Financial support recipients are selected at the same time that admission decisions are made and full description of the financial offer will be indicated in the offer letter.

Graduate Student Researcher (GSR): Graduate students may be employed as a GSR if individual faculty members have research funds available for supporting incoming and current students, however you are unable to apply for a GSR appointment prior to being admitted. Once admitted, interested applicants should inquire about such opportunities directly to the EECS faculty whose research programs most closely match their own background and interests. A current list of faculty and their research areas is available at the department website.

Teaching Assistant (TA):  The department also offers TA positions to some (not all) qualified graduate students each quarter that complete the required TA training, however you are unable to apply for a TA appointment prior to being admitted. Once admitted, interested applicants should inquire with the department on how to apply.

What are the requirements in order to apply for a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) position?

To be apply for a TA position, graduate students will need to satisfy all TA qualifications, English Proficiency requirements and training.   

To be hired as a GSR, graduate students must satisify all enrollment and academic requirements for employment.

Are there any other types of financial aid options that I can apply for?

You can find general information here.  

If you are interested in federal financial aid, information is available on the Financial Aid and Scholarships website

Are my chances of being admitted to the graduate program in the department better if I do not require financial assistance?

Uniform admissions standards are applied to all students regardless of financial need. Please do not send any financial information with your application.


If you have any further questions that may not have been answered from this page, please visit UCI's Graduate Division Funding page.