Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Message From Chair - Professor Brett Sanders, Ph.D.

We welcome you to our new CEE@UCI department e-newsletter, a quarterly communique to keep you apprised of exciting projects, faculty and student activities, and informative events.

With the New Year, the Samueli School will be launching its new strategic plan that I was privileged to help craft: “Developing Human Connections to Reach the Top 25 by 2025: A Plan for the Next Decade.” The central theme of Human Connections intersects everything we do at the school in pursuit of excellence. Educationally, we value and promote face-to-face interactions between students and teachers in addition to teamwork and hands-on experiential learning; in research, we work on interdisciplinary teams to address societal grand challenges; and as an organization, we practice respect and value a spirit of cooperation among our faculty, staff, students, alumni and industry partners.

CEE@UCI will provide critical research leadership in executing the new plan. We are on the forefront of managing societal grand challenges, including water scarcity, extreme flooding, transportation of people and goods, ecosystem health and green energy solutions. Additionally, we are leaders in interdisciplinary research, with partnerships that span physical sciences, biological sciences, information and computer sciences, social sciences and public health. And finally, on the strength of superb research, our rankings are now the highest in the school. In particular, the Environmental Engineering program is the highest ranked program at #24. We’ve moved up more than 10 spots in just the last five years.

The momentum is building. Stay tuned to learn about integrative projects with local, state, national and global impact, and watch for CEE@UCI events that create human connections among our stakeholders. You are always welcome to join us at weekly technical seminars engaging CEE Affiliates’ quarterly meetings on timely topics and a slate of team-building alumni events. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest in news and events.

Happy New Year, 

Brett F. Sanders
Professor and Chair

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