Post-Award Life Cycle Timeline


The Post-Award Team works closely with Principal Investigators (PI), the Office of Research, Beall Applied Innovation (BAI), Contracts & Grants Accounting, Other University Units, and Sponsors to ensure compliance and to provide outstanding support from award set-up through award close-out.

Post-Award Team:

  • Jerry Martinez – Post-Award Supervisor
  • Beatrice Mei – Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst
  • M. Pfarr – Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst
  • David Reid – Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst
  • Nanette McKinney – Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst
  • Jose Garcia-Cruz – Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst
  • Shanelle Rini – Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst
  • Grace Kuei - Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst
  • Jeannie Lin - Contracts and Grants Analyst

Post-Award Team Responsibilities:

  • For Award Set-up:
    • Complete required steps to create the KFS account
    • Work with SPA to complete necessary documents per type of award
    • Review budget and allocation
    • Create special accounts for Subawards, Multi-Campus Agreements, Cost Share, Participant Support, etc.
  • For Expense Monitoring and Approval:
    • Review the KFS action list and approve expenses on awards daily
    • Review expenses per type of award and award requirements (UROP, Instrumentation Grants, Milestones, etc.)
    • Confirm expenses meet the federal cost principles (allowable, allocable, reasonable, consistent)
    • Staying up to date with federal and non-federal guidelines
    • Ensure appropriate spending based on approved award budget
  • For Subaward Monitoring:
    • Coordinate with Contracts and Grants Accounting to ensure proper invoicing
    • Work with Office of Research to release funding to subaward sites
    • Obtain Principal Investigators’ approval and submit invoices to Accounts Payable for payment
  • For Income Monitoring:
    • Review C&G aging reports and invoices tensure payments are received in a timely manner
    • Coordinate with Contracts & Grants Accounting and PIs
    • Investigators tensure requirements are met for invoicing Invoice and check deposits related Sales and Services Activity
  • For Payroll:
    • Ensure Staff and GSR ongoing appointment funding monitoring
    • Initiate payroll certification in KFS
    • Work with the PIs and submit their Summer Salary requests the Departments for further processing
    • Work with the PIs and submit their NSTP requests the Departments for further processing
  • For Account Reconciliation:
    • Confirm all financial activity is recorded completely, accurately, and in compliance
  • For Cost-Share Reporting:
    • Complete and submit the required cost share reports in KFS or to Contracts & Grants Accounting
  • For No Cost Extensions:
    • Coordinate with the PI and SPA to submit requests for No Cost Extensions
  • For Award Close-out:
    • Ensure all equipment has been received and is functional
    • Close out encumbrances and Purchase Orders
    • Submit all financial and progress reports per award requirements