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Department of Materials Science and Engineering
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University of California, Irvine
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Tel: (949) 824-1803

Report Racist and/or Discriminatory Behavior to the MSE Anti-Racism Work Group


Please use the internal department reporting form listed above for the anonymous reporting of implicit bias, racism, microaggressions, or discrimination that you witness or perceive in the department. Input from this form will only be used to guide department discussion and policy development.

Submissions will route to the MSE ARWG for assessment and follow up. If there is a conflict of interest with any member of the AWRG (see members below) and you do not feel comfortable submitting this form, consider contacting the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) or the MSE Department Chair. 

For incidents you feel require specific corrective action, UCI maintains the OEOD to address incidents of discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment and sex offenses. The OEOD is equipped to handle a wide range of incidents, from perceived discrimination among peers to explicit acts of racism and harassment. The OEOD offers and coordinates with other campus offices a corresponding range of services, from informal advising and consultation to informal resolution and formal administrative investigation. The department follows university policy and may make Responsible Employee reports as needed to OEOD. If this occurs, OEOD will provide email outreach with individuals rights, options and resources for them to decide how best to move forward (if a name is provided). The Department of Materials Science and Engineering encourages review of the UCI Guidelines on Discrimination and Harassment and UCI Guidelines on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment, as well as anyone experiencing incidents of the above type to consult the OEOD here:

2023-2024 MSE Anti-Racist Work Group (ARWG) Members:

  • Tim Rupert, ARWG Chair
  • Will Bowman
  • Shen Dillon
  • Salma Anter El-Azab
  • Allon Hochbaum
  • Jacob Norman
  • Regina Ragan
  • Amy S. Ricks
  • Desiree Rios