Academic Personnel, Human Resources, Payroll

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at UC Irvine is committed to delivering strong and knowledgeable administrative expertise with superior customer service to faculty, staff, students, researchers, department friends, and community. As such, we are proud to provide support in various areas, to include Academic Personnel, Human Resources, and Payroll at the Department level. Katherine Guerrero is the Department Analyst who oversees the following areas in MSE @ UCI:

  • Recruitment, hiring, retention, separation of senate and non-senate academic and staff personnel
  • Employee relations and Human Resources
  • Recruitment and onboarding management of all senate and non-senate positions
  • Senate and non-senate academic and staff personnel and payroll management
  • UC Path, payroll management and assistance; payroll reporting and reconciliation
  • Visa and visiting appointment coordination

For additional information related to these topics please read below or contact Katherine at or (949) 824-3786.

New Hire Information

Keys, Offices/Labs, Building Access Viviana Saadalla ( is the Business Office Operations Analyst. Please coordinate with her regarding keys and office/lab spaces. All requests must be approved by the supervisor and MSO.

OIT NetID Activating a UCI NetID is one of the first things new employees should do upon hire. Please navigate to this website and complete the form For additional help, contact OIT at (949) 824-2222 or

Orientations and Online Classes Employees may access any required orientations or classes online and should confer with their supervisor for required training related to their laboratory or otherwise.

Timesheets Employees report their time on TRS. Employees can log in with their UCI NetID to access their timesheets at this link Biweekly employees are required to report their hours worked and any paid time off. Monthly employees may expect to submit a blank time sheet if 100% of their salaried hours were worked during the pay period; only paid time off should be reported.

UCPath UCPath is the University of California's single payroll, benefits, and HR system for all UC employees. After employees are onboarded and have activated their UCI NetID, they will have access to all their personnel and payroll information here.


Direct Deposit Employees that wish to receive their paychecks directly in their bank accounts rather than receiving a mailed check should set up direct deposit in their UCPath accounts. Please note that prenote processing with the bank may take between 1-2 pay periods, so expect to receive paper checks during that time. Please see the Payroll tutorial to set up direct deposit in UCPath.

Paydays Employees view information on pay dates, pay periods, accrual dates, and observed holidays on the following payroll calendars: Biweekly Payroll Calendar, Monthly Payroll Calendar

Transaction Deadlines In order to meet UCPath Center processing deadlines, we please ask that any issues regarding employment or pay (i.e. new/renewing appointments, under/overpayments, missed pay, updating funding sources, etc.) be directed to Katherine Guerrero before the UCPath deadline. In order for these requests to be completed for the following month/pay period, please submit your employment and/or pay requests before the deadlines found within the UC Path guidelines: For example: for monthly (MO) payroll effective 9/1/2020, the new appointment (or any changes being made to an existing appointment) must be fully approved and entered into UC Path no later than 3:00PM on 8/20/2020 (see the 6th column under the blue header, “PayPath & Job Data Changes…et al.”). UC Path will not accept late entries and new hires and/or changes may not be effective the desired date if this deadline is not met.

TRS Due Dates Staff employees report their work/sick/vacation hours in TRS. The system sends out email reminders when timesheets are due. Biweekly and Monthly employees and supervisors can find the TRS Deadlines posted on their website. 

General Hiring Information (for MSE faculty or supervisors)

  • For faculty and staff interested in hiring outside of AP recruit or other campus recruitment systems (i.e. student assistants/researchers, GSR, TA, visiting scholars, etc.) please complete this new hire form. This provides us with the information needed to set up their appointments accordingly.
  • For hires that require postings in AP Recruit or other campus recruitment systems, please provide a job description and a list of required documents (i.e. cover letter, resume, references, research statements, etc.).
  • In general, once a candidate is offered the position and they accept, then we move forward with the hiring/onboard process. Depending on whether the employee will be Staff or Academic, their documents and appointment will need to approved by their respective offices, they will need to schedule an onboarding appointment with Campus HR, and their position will need to be created and funded in UCPath before their start date. Please note that all of this can take between 2-3 weeks, so it is best to plan ahead.


How do I submit my timesheets?
Employees report their time on TRS. Employees can log in with their UCI NetID to access their timesheets at this link For questions or assistance navigating the site, please reach out to Katherine.

Where can I view my paycheck online?
Employees can access all their personnel and payroll information here on UCPath. “View My Paycheck” is visible on the employee dashboard upon logging in to their account.

Where can I view my W4 and other tax information?
Employees can access all their personnel and payroll information here on UCPath. “Income and Taxes” is visible on the employee dashboard upon logging in to their account. When employees click on this section, a dropdown will appear with a list of various tax and income related items that they can view.

Why haven’t I received my paycheck?
Employees that have not enrolled in direct deposit will receive a paper check mailed to the address listed in UCPath. Please double check that the address in your account is correct and contact Katherine with additional questions.