Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Student Projects

Structural Analysis – Spaghetti Bridge

CEE151A: Structural Analysis – Spaghetti Bridge

Fundamentals of structural analysis. Deformation of statically determinate structures. Influence lines. Structural systems. Load: dead, live, wind, and seismic.

CEE151C: Reinforced Concrete Design – Concrete Beam Testing

CEE151C: Reinforced Concrete Design – Concrete Beam Testing

Design is an overarching theme in this class. Students focus on design of concrete components under axial, bending, and shear loading. Emphasis on ultimate, allowable, and service design theories is provided. An overall view of component design is taken, by incorporating practical considerations, such as reinforcement placement and member sizing. All homework assignments contain member design problems. Of these, approximately half require students to first determine system load distributions using static analysis procedures.


CEE170: Fluid Mechanics – Cart Racing

Students work in teams to design a cart that is propelled by a jet of water from a pressure thank. Students compete against other teams from class, and the objective is to: (a) cross the finish line in the shortest time and (b) build a computer model that accurately predicts the race time. Teams are responsible for constructing the cart, configuring the pressure and water level in the tank, configuring a nozzle for the jet, and building a computer model of the cart/jet system.


HyperXite: Hyperloop

Our team is engaged in comprehensive design testing and construction of a half-scale Hyperloop pod. The student lead project, with the assistance of top university professors, is focused on specific technologies that will accelerate the development of this unique and innovative transportation system.