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Katherine Guerrero

Katherine Guerrero

Darryl Mack

Darryl Mack

Desiree Rios

Desiree Rios

Viviana Hernandez

Viviana Saadalla

Recruitment, hiring, retention, separation of senate and non-senate academic and staff personnel

Employee relations and Human Resources

Recruitment and onboarding management of all senate and non-senate positions

Senate and non-senate academic and staff personnel and payroll management

UC Path, payroll management and assistance; payroll reporting and reconciliation

Visa and visiting appointment coordination

Design, development and assisted planning of laboratory and experimental facilities and equipment

High-level MSE laboratory management and research development

Department Safety Officer

Oversight of Department-owned laboratory classes and MSE spaces

Support/repair of laboratory personnel and equipment

General support for the undergraduate programs of MSE

Graduate programs, admissions and recruitment management for Materials Science and Engineering

Graduate student advising/counseling

Interpretation of student programs, university polices, regulations and requirements

Oversight of matters related to graduate student funding employment and curriculum

Program planning and accreditation oversight (ABET, WASC, APR)

Infrastructure and process improvement

Administration and analysis

  • Department website maintenance, communications, social media
  • Oversees general administrative operations, supplies, and equipment for the business office
  • Department conferences, meetings, and events

Department meeting, visitor, and event coordination

  • Support in academic personnel

Provides support in academic personnel and student affairs

  • Supervises Department student assistant staff
  • Manages textbook and teaching preparations
  • Manages MSE space and key issuance operations for department
  • Responsible for management of robust and multi-faceted work order management system and processes for laboratory, research, facilities, and technical repairs and high-level administration of small and large-scale facilities needs within the Department