International Outreach

Working with the Office of Global Engagement at UCI, the Samueli School of Engineering extends beyond U.S. borders to establish international collaborations through a number of immersive educational programs. These programs not only enhance academic skills in engineering but also facilitate cultural experiences. Global outreach opens the door to opportunities for faculty and students to exchange knowledge, learn about different cultures and expand horizons.


Current Students

Current Students

The Samueli School of Engineering offers many enriching programs for students currently matriculated at UCI. These programs range from studying abroad to conducting research in a foreign country. By actively engaging in culturally immersive activities, students will be able to cultivate a keen sense of sensitivity toward other cultures and customs, exchange ideas, and foster a new perspective in the field of engineering and globalization. Learn More

Prospective and Visiting Students

Visiting and Prospective Students

Students from all nations are welcomed here at UCI. The school offers various short- to long-term exchange programs for international students to experience academic life in the United States. Aside from exchange programs, fellowships and research-focused programs are also available for graduate students who are seeking opportunities to enhance their research, leadership and innovation skills. Learn More

Faculty and Research

Faculty and Research

The school supports international collaborations and educational programs for faculty and researchers to participate while strengthening international relationships with universities abroad. UCI faculty will also have the opportunity to mentor and guide young engineers from overseas to become future global leaders in engineering, and promote technological and scientific advancement. Learn More

UCI-DUT Joint Program

Joint Program

The Joint Program in Mechanical Engineering between UCI and Dalian University of Technology (DUT), combines a broad-based education in the engineering sciences with a strong grounding in quantitative, problem-solving, design and communications skills. By using UCI mechanical engineering curriculum at DUT, students receive a global educational experience with solid training in analytical and creative methods. Core courses are jointly taught by UCI and DUT faculty. Learn More