Engineering Ambassadors

Engineering Ambassadors are a group of student volunteers who share a passion for engineering at UC Irvine. They assist the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office with various recruitment efforts by offering the unique perspective of a student in The Samueli School of Engineering. Ambassadors are able to assist prospective students and their families with questions they may have about the engineering program, engineering student organizations, research and internship opportunities and campus life.

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Interested in visiting UCI’s School of Engineering and have a one-on-one talk with the ambassadors? The visitors hours are open now for registration from March to April. Follow the link below to sign up for an 1 hour session. We will best accommodate your schedule, but you will receive a follow-up e-mail to either confirm or reschedule the meeting. If you wish to visit at a date or time that is not listed, please e-mail

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Engineering Ambassador - Shazmaan Ali

Shazmaan Ali

Major: Computer Science and Engineering

UCI Involvement: Summer Bridge Program, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Women in Information and Computer Science

Fun Fact: I can eat Indian food 3x times a day, 7x times a week and never get tired of it.

Why I Chose UCI: After my high school, I was confused about choosing between computer science and electronic devices. As a transfer, I found UCI amazing because it is one of the very few universities that offer CSE as a joint major between computer science and engineering. After transferring to UCI in Fall 16, I fell in with the campus, UCI offers variety of programs, so it’s easy to discover what you want to do for rest of your life. As of now, I enjoy building and programming bots and I’m happy to be here. Zot! Zot! Zot!

Engineering Ambassador - Jerry Chun Han Chen

Jerry Chun Han Chen

Major: Biomedical Engineering: Pre-Med

UCI Involvement: Engineering Student Council, Anteater Photography Club, Hughes Lab Vasculogenesis Research, Girls Engineering Change

Fun Fact: Record for longest hours of sleep is 20 hours and 50 minutes. Like to have deep conversations at 2am. Enjoy video editing and taking pictures. Like good scenic views. Love meat. Run on coffee.

Message: It’s great to have something you’re interested in, but don’t worry if you haven’t figured it out yet. I encourage you to try different things because that is how you find out what your passion is. Engineering is hard, but it’s also very rewarding. Take the road less traveled! On the other hand, don’t stress out too much about the future. Make sure to live in the moment too!

Why I chose UCI: After taking school location, expenses, and living environment into considerations, UCI was the best choice for me. I was particularly interested in Biomedical Engineering Premed, allowing me to further explore my interest in math and problem solving while allowing me to pursue a medical career. I didn’t think too much when I was choosing a college, but I’m glad that I chose UCI. A million reasons made me fall in love with UCI, and I’m making the most of it by getting involved and appreciating everything that UCI has to offer.

Engineering Ambassador - Ziqi Ding

Ziqi Ding

Major: Computer Engineering

UCI Involvement: Chinese Engineering Association (CEA), ENGR 7A/7B (Freshmen Engineering Project Class), UCI Math & Community Enrichment Session

Fun Fact: Super good at memorizing historical events, enjoy movies and writing amateur reviews.

Message: As for an international student, the first year at UCI was both exciting and challenging experience. However, if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and give a try, you will fall in love with this culturally diverse community. With the resources and opportunities provided on campus, I joined new clubs, fulfilled my potential and finally found out my interest in hardware design and software programming. It's glad to become part of a vibrant cohort of engineering-anteaters.

Hayk Ghazaryan

Hayk Ghazaryan

Major: Mechanical Engineering

UCI Involvement: Armenian Student Association, Engineers without Borders, TRIO Scholars

Fun Fact: I have a lion.

Message: The most important thing in life is being yourself and doing what you want to do.

Engineering Ambassador - Chris Glaubensklee

Chris Glaubensklee

Major: Biomedical Engineering

UCI Involvement: Rugby club, BME society, University Catholic Community

Message: Go to office hours. Your professors and TAs are there to help you. They can help clarify points from class or even go further in depth to aid in our understanding.

Why I chose UCI: I chose UCI because of its ABET accredited Biomedical Engineering program. I had taken a summer class at UCI before while in high school. I felt very comfortable with both the learning and social environment of the campus. I felt that I could truly call UCI home for the next four years.

Engineering Ambassador - Janelle Gonzalez

Janelle Gonzalez

Major: Civil Engineering

UCI Involvement: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Engineering Student Council (ESC), Girls Engineering Change

Fun Fact: I can walk on my hands.

Message: Engineering is difficult, but when the going gets tough remember what motivated you to pursue your major initially. I decided to become a Civil Engineer to show that women can find success in an industry they have not traditionally entered.

Why I chose UCI: UCI was my first choice because of its great location, friendly environment, diversity, and proximity to many Civil Engineering firms. ASCE Orange County Branch’s strong involvement with the ASCE UCI student chapter has allowed me to develop a valuable network within the industry since the beginning of my college career. I fall in love with UCI a little more every day and I hope you will too!

Engineering Ambassador - Junjie Huang

Junjie Huang

Major: Mechanical Engineering

UCI Involvement: Anteater Racing, UCI Human Powered Airplane, MatSci Club

Fun Fact: I have never injured myself to the point of having to go to a hospital.

Engineering Ambassador - Fernando Kawall

Fernando Kawall

Major: Electrical Engineering

Fun Fact: A fun fact about myself is that I was born and raised in Brazil and I have a twin brother. In addition, I used to be a Professional Skateboarder and I was National Champion once and twice 4th in the World Contest.

Message: Don’t settle for less than what you would like to achieve. Focus on using your time wisely and having passion and perseverance for your goals and you’ll be able to achieve whatever you dream of in your life. In addition, whatever you do, do it well, and may success attend your efforts.

Why I chose UCI: I chose UCI because UCI is one of the top 10 best public Universities in the country and have faculty members who are among the best in the world within their field of study. In addition, UCI have excellent research Professors, and I specifically wanted to be part of the research group with Professor Stuart Kleinfelder in the design of Integrated Circuits for particle detections in Antártica (ARIANNA Experiment).

Engineering Ambassador - Dong Hyeon Kim

Dong Hyeon Kim

Major: Mechanical Engineering

UCI Involvement: Engineering Student Council, UAV Forge, Peer Academic Advising

Fun Fact: I am double jointed on both arms, so I can twist my arms 360 degrees.

Message: Take actions on your dreams and goals because nobody will do it for you. Capitalize on any opportunities that might further your interests, passion, and career in engineering. I hope that all of you will find the drive and determination to do well while you are here. Do not forget to make some kind, meaningful, and long-lasting friends so that you can struggle, endeavor, and succeed together. I was not excited about coming to UCI at first, but now I have grown to appreciate and love it here. I hope that all of you will too. Welcome to UC Irvine and good luck!

Engineering Ambassador - Jenna Loventhal

Jenna Loventhal

Major: Civil Engineering

UCI Involvement: Other than Engineering Ambassadors, I am involved in the Engineers Mentoring the Future. Last year I was a mentor to a first year civil engineering mentee. I am also involved in the Hawaii Club and Bare Bones Dance Theatre for fun!

Message: UCI has a lot more to offer than what is shown on the website. I enjoy being surrounded by students who have a passion for learning.

Why I chose UCI: I chose UCI because of the strong engineering program and campus atmosphere. I also liked how the campus was close to the beach and Disneyland.

Engineering Ambassador - Huining Liu

Huining Liu

Major: Electrical Engineering

UCI Involvement: Chinese Engineering Association, International Student Excellence Program, UCI Disability Services Center notes provider

Fun Fact: I am an advanced open water scuba diver and I love watching horror movies.

Message: Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t be lazy. If you have the opportunity, try hard even there is only 1% of the chance to succeed.

Why I chose UCI: As an international student, I didn’t have the chance to visit UCI campus before I made my choice. It’s the sunny weather of California, the peaceful and safe neighborhood and the great school location that lured me to this wonderful campus. I fell in love with UCI as soon as my college life started. Not only because of the secure campus living environment, the authentic Asian restaurants around UCI, amiable counselors and student staffs, but also the variety of programs, resources and opportunities UCI provided. I got to know about fundamental engineering design process by taking ENGR7(introduction to engineering) course; I learned rock climbing by taking rock climbing 101 class at the Anteater Recreation Center; and I got my first part-time job by working as a notetaker for the UCI Disability Service Center. I can always enrich my college life by getting involved in different kinds of programs and I never feel bored.

Engineering Ambassador - Kevin Park

Kevin Park

Major: Aerospace Engineering

UCI Involvement: HyperXite, Design Build Fly, Mooney Aircraft International Co-Op

Fun Fact: I love practicing photography, drone cinematography and the drums.

Message: Hi guys! My name is Kevin Park and I am a 4th year aerospace engineering major here at UC Irvine. Throughout my time here, I've had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects through internships and school supported projects. In the past I've interned for Mooney Aircraft where I helped in the design and development of their new M20 Ultra aircraft. Last year I had the chance to work jointly with local start-up Ekergy Energy and other UCI engineering students in the development of a personal home power-plant system. Currently, I am excited to be working on another project with UCI students and the major aerospace/defense company Thales, in the development of a prototype for a new product that they want to manufacture for Boeing and Airbus. I also work part-time as an associate process engineer for TTM Technologies which is a company that manufactures PCBs (printed circuit boards) for basically every major aerospace/defense company you can think of.

UC Irvine's school of engineering has given me ample opportunities to pursue and practice my passion in the real world. I have had a blast during my past couple years here and want to share everything that I learned as well as tips/advice for all interested and prospective students. Feel free to reach out to me or the other ambassadors at anytime. We're here for you!

Engineering Ambassador - Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts

Major: Mechanical Engineering

UCI Involvement: Engineers for a Sustainable World, Engineering Student Council, American Society for Mechanical Engineers

Fun Fact: I’m into indie rock music and gaming. I also play the clarinet, alto saxophone, and a little piano.

Message: Work hard and find something that inspires you to be an engineer.

Engineering Ambassador - Ani Sarkissian

Ani Sarkissian

Major: Civil Engineering

UCI Involvement: Engineering Student Council, American Society of Civil Engineers

Fun Fact: I love dogs.

Message: College can be a time of a lot of new things: experiences, classes, meeting people. Make sure to get involved with the campus, and meet new people. Find something to get involved in that you are excited about, and the rest will fall into place. Always make sure to ask for help if you get stuck, whether it be to your classmates or professors. And remember: the beach is only 10 minutes away :)

Why I chose UCI: UCI has a really broad range of engineering majors, which was great for me, since I wasn’t sure which major I would end up in. Also it’s a beautiful campus, and really comfortable to go to school in Orange County. I am super happy I chose UCI, and have had the chance to get involved in various clubs and be surrounded by really cool research! Zot Zot Zot!!

Engineering Ambassador - Sabeena Sebastian

Sabeena Sebastian

Major: Chemical Engineering

UCI Involvement: American Institute of Chemical Engineers- President, Engineers for a Sustainable World, American Nuclear Society

Fun Fact: I love dancing but I’m bad at it.

Juefei Tang

Juefei Tang

Major: Electrical Engineering

UCI Involvement: Engineering Student Council, Anteater Photography Club, Hughes Lab Vasculogenesis Research, Girls Engineering Change

Fun Fact: I'm a terrible singer, but I'm still a huge fan of karaoke.

Message: Cease to struggle, and you cease to live. Engineering will give you so much fun and challenges.

Engineering Ambassador - Christine Tran

Christine Tran

Major: Mechanical Engineering

UCI Involvement: Engineering Student Council (ESC), Anteater Recreational Center Employee, Solar Airplane, ENGR 7A/B, UCI Summer Session Freshmen Edge

Fun Fact: I've done over 15 escape rooms in the OC/LA region! I also like to collect shot glasses from places I've traveled to.

Message: Continue to step out of your comfort zone. You'll be surprised at what you can do! College is a great place to do that, and you'll soon see yourself grow as a student, a leader, and a person.

Why I chose UCI: My older brother graduated from UCI a couple of years before I started college. The few years he was here helped him grow and mature and he loved it here, so UCI has always been at the top of my list when I was choosing a school. UCI has a great campus, great people, and a great engineering program. The school is continually improving, so it's exciting to be at the center of change and diversity.

Engineering Ambassador - Mark Washicko

Mark Washicko

Major: Mechanical Engineering

UCI Involvement: American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Anteater Racing, Anteater Recreation Center Student Staff, ENGR 7A/7B (Freshmen Engineering Project Class)

Fun Fact: I like funky socks.