Engineering Ambassadors

Engineering Ambassadors are a group of student volunteers who share a passion for engineering at UC Irvine. They assist the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office with various recruitment efforts by offering the unique perspective of a student in The Samueli School of Engineering. Ambassadors are able to assist prospective students and their families with questions they may have about the engineering program, engineering student organizations, research and internship opportunities and campus life.

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Virtual Chats with Engineering Ambassadors

Would you would like to have a one-on-one chat with the ambassadors about their experiences at UCI? Ambassadors are available to chat for a 1 hour Zoom session, just follow the link below to sign up for a date and time! We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and will follow-up with an email to either confirm or reschedule your meeting. If you wish to chat at a time that is not listed, please email


Engineering Ambassador - Andrea Su

Andrea Su

I am a 4th year Electrical Engineering student, specializing in DSP/Communications. I am currently involved in on-campus research at the National Fuel Cell Research Center where I help develop sensors to characterize fuel cell materials. Also, I am team lead for ZotBins, a student run research group that designs IOT trash cans. I spend my free time watching shows, doing embroidery/crafts, and drawing. I chose UCI because I was interested in engineering and liked the campus.

Engineering Ambassador - Ashlin Diaz

Ashlin Diaz

I am a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering major. I am part of the Figure Skating Club sport and BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society). In my free time, I love to read manhwas, listen to music, and watch anime and dramas. I chose UCI because I realized that it had the most resources and opportunities like study abroad programs, creative and professional club organizations. It was also the closest to home, but far enough that I could become more independent.

Engineering Ambassador - Chloe Chua

Chloe Chua

I am a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering major. I am enrolled in BME120, where my team and I are designing an algorithm for an EEG-based user interface. Also, I am doing research for Dr. Xiang's Truelab Ultrasound Therapy Project. During my free time, I love to draw and paint. I chose UCI because I heard that it has one of the most prestigious engineering programs in the nation.

Engineering Ambassador - Xiaojun (Sylvia) Chen

Xiaojun (Sylvia) Chen

I am a 3rd year majoring in Biomedical Engineering, Premed. I am an undergraduate researcher in Professor Ding’s lab. I am also involved in multiple extracurricular activities including Phi Sigma Rho, BMES, and ESC. During my free time, I love to sing! I chose UCI because of UCI's biomedical engineering, pre-med program. Now I have two choices for my future, MD or BME grad school, but really I think it's my destiny.

Engineering Ambassador - Kayla Luong

Kayla Luong

I am a 4th year student majoring in Civil Engineering. I mentor students ranging from middle school to high school who are aspiring to be engineers in ESC and previously mentored underclassmen in SWE and ASCE. Outside of school, I am a Land Development Services intern at the City of Anaheim and in my free time I like testing out odd recipes, doing nail art, and playing games. I mainly chose UCI because it was close enough for me to commute!

Engineering Ambassador - Alon Pavlov

Alon Pavlov

I am a 4th year Biomedical Engineering Premed student from the Sacramento area. In the future I would like to become a medical provider and conduct research to help develop new medical devices. I am also involved in a volunteering club called Rotaract, undergraduate research, and a part time job working as a scribe. I chose to go to UCI due to the strong emphasis on research, amazing location and great experience during my first campus tour.

Engineering Ambassador - Timothy Young

Timothy Young

I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student involved in Anteater Electric Racing and Engineering Student Council. In my spare time, I dance on a team called Project Renegade, spend time with friends, meet new people, and enjoy working on my car. UCI stood out to me because it has a nice campus, great academics, a big dance community, and good restaurants in the area.

Engineering Ambassador - Nicole Stimpson

Nicole Stimpson

I am a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student hoping to specialize in Design of Mechanical Systems. I am a member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). I enjoy spending my free time at the ARC rock climbing or bouldering with friends. I also love to cook, especially with friends and family, and I spend whatever freetime I have left reading. I chose UCI for its engineering program and research opportunities, and also because my cousin is an alumni here at UCI and he recommended that I apply.

Engineering Ambassador - Yvonne Wen

Yvonne Wen

I am a 3rd year environmental engineering major, studying at UC, Irvine. I am passionate about environmental issues around the world. I believe every environmental issue is essentially a social-eco issue. One of my educational and career goals is to become a professional environmental consultant, and become a reliable expert to turn to for the communities. I enjoy going to the beach or playing guitar in my free time.

Engineering Ambassador - Patrick Yang

Patrick Yang

I am a third year chemical engineering major working in Zenyuk’s group as a researcher on different fuel cell topics such as corrosion and different meshes. Additionally, I currently lead Chem-E Car as a project manager where I work with team leads to construct, power, and stop a small car powered by chemical reactions. Other involvements of mine include ASUCI, AIChE , and In the Green. I enjoy spending my leisure time reading, listening to music, gardening, and swimming.

Engineering Ambassador - Darshan Sonawala

Darshan Sonawala

I am a 4th year Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering double major. I am currently a Mechanical Engineer Intern at Aethercomm, Inc., where I assist in the design and analysis of components for high-power amplifiers for military and space applications. I am also part of the UCI Wind Ensemble, where I play the euphonium. In my free time, I watch a lot of Netflix and garden. I chose UCI because of the weather and campus, as well as the engineering program here.

Engineering Ambassador - Marlon Pinedo

Marlon Pinedo

I am a 4th year Material Science Engineering major and the Academic Director for MAES: Latinos in Science and Engineering. I am interning at Glidewell Laboratories working on dental restoration implants. I have worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Morphing Structures Lab with Professor Hernandez and Professor Gorodetsky on dynamic thermoregulatory materials. In my free time I like to workout, play video games, and watch movies! I chose UCI because of the area and weather. I also attended a 2-day program at the UCI Engineering school when I was in high school which exposed me to the beautiful campus and the engineering projects on campus.

Engineering Ambassador - Paully-Umeh

Wezam Paully-Umeh:

I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering major, holding board positions in Nigerian Student Association as Publicity chair and a Divine 9 organization, Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Inc. as the Polemarch (President) of the chapter. Outside of school, I like to watch Netflix, play basketball, eat and catch up with friends and media. As an Engineering Ambassador I aim to aid students understand the amount of opportunities present to underrepresented students while also obtaining resources that will help me reach my goal.

Engineering Ambassador - David Lujan

David Lujan

I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering major and am part of Campus Representatives and I am also the Lead Powertrain engineer for our BAJA SAE Anteater racing team. I enjoy hanging out around campus and going to social events and most events that are held at the ARC since I like being active. I chose UCI because of the amazing staff, beautiful campus, and challenging research projects for the school of Engineering.