2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

In 2015, UCI celebrated its 50th anniversary as one of the nation’s leading universities. To honor those who have made a significant impact in their profession, or in other ways have brought distinction to their alma mater, the Samueli School of Engineering and the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences recognized 54 illustrious alumni by inducting them into the 2015 Hall of Fame.


Momtaz Afshin ’08, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Newsha Ajami ’06, Ph.D. Civil Engineering
Gary Ashford ’70, B.S. Electrical Engineering
Georges Belfort ’69, M.S.; ’72, Ph.D. Civil Engineering
Roger Brum ’83, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Kurt Busch ’93, B.S. Electrical Engineering
Brian Cooper ’81, B.S. Electrical Engineering
David Cuccia ’03, M.S.; ’06, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
Nick Desai ’91, B.S. Electrical Engineering
Amit Dhadwal ’93, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Eby Friedman ’81, M.S.; ’89, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Marinela Gombosev ’05, B.S. Electrical Engineering
Paramesh Gopi ’91, B.S.; ’93, M.S.; ’03, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Jai Krishan Hakhu ’79 Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Bernard Harguindeguy ’81, B.S. Electrical Engineering
Patrick Hong ’95, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Atsushi Horiba ’75, B.S.; ’77, M.S. Electrical Engineering
John Labib ’94 B.S. Civil Engineering
Patrick Liu ’92 Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Julian “Woody” Macias ’72, B.S. Electrical Engineering
Melodie Nicholes ’95, B.S. Civil Engineering
Carrine Palm Walborn ’96, B.S. Civil Engineering
Stephen Palm ’87, B.S. Electrical Engineering
Robert Peck ’76, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Leila Rohani ’85, B.S. Electrical Engineering
Ayman Salama ’95, Ph.D. Civil Engineering
Eric Shen ’93, B.S.; ’95, M.S. Civil Engineering
Krishna Shenoy ’90, B.S. Electrical Engineering
Betsy Stivers ’80, B.S. Civil Engineering
Douglas Thorpe ’82, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
John Tracy ’87, Ph.D. Civil Engineering
Truc Vu ’88, M.S.; ’92, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (deceased)

Thomas Yuen ’74, B.S. Electrical Engineering
Jack Zhao ’93, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

Information and Computer Sciences

Paul Butterworth ’74, B.S.; ’81, M.S.
Marsha Drapkin Hopwood ’74, Ph.D.
Karen Evensen ’82, B.S.
David Feign ’80, Ph.D. (deceased)
Roy Fielding ’88, B.S.; ’93 M.S.; ’00 Ph.D.
Patrick Hanratty ’77, Ph.D.
Pat Helland
Greg Hopwood ’78, Ph.D.
Tim Kashani ’86, B.S.
Barbara Branstetter Kew ’75, B.S.
Richard Levine ’81, B.S.
Paul Mockapetris ’81, Ph.D.
Owen O'Malley ’89, M.S.; ’96, Ph.D.
Dinesh Ramanathan ’95, M.S.; ’00, Ph.D.
Jack Ringquist ’82, B.S.
Lawrence Rowe ’76, Ph.D.
Daniel Russell ’77, B.S.
Gary Seagraves ’77, B.S.
Jon Teichrow ’86, B.S.
Steve Trimberger ’79, M.S.