Welcome and Zot Zot Zot, CEE Alumni!

We are proud to say there are over 3,000 CEE Anteater Alumni representing the UCI Community around the globe.

CEE strives to foster continuous intellectual engagement beyond your educational experience at UCI. Our mission is to nurture a lifelong, professional partnership that will compel alumni interaction with CEE faculty, staff and current students.

Our vision is to connect a community of global citizens who share the drive to create cultures of connectedness, engagement, brilliance and discovery in every endeavor.


A focus on partnerships to build professional, personal and charitable relationships with CEE alumni, old and new


Facilitating connectedness of CEE alumni with the department, university, Industry and local community


Compelling alumni to focus on intellectual engagement of students and citizens alike


Empowering alumni to flex their intellectual brilliance to converse, collaborate and create


Maintaining an environment in which alumni will accomplish personal, professional and scientific discovery

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