The Samueli School of Engineering faculty and staff strongly believe in the importance of a diverse student body to address the unprecedented challenges being faced in today’s globalized, technology-driven, knowledge-based economy.

The school manages various outreach programs, from teacher training and a variety of K-12 programs to a collaboration with local community colleges. Popular summer camps emphasize critical thinking, communication and problem solving and introduce middle school children to enabling technologies such as 3-D printing. The goal is to increase enthusiasm and interest in STEM majors, ensuring the next generation of problem solvers and a qualified workforce.

In addition to diversity and access, the school engages in STEM education reform efforts, connecting teachers and schools with subject matter experts to support Common Core implementation and Next Generation Science Standards. In this way, the school contributes to the national discourse and critical evaluation of how the country educates tomorrow’s innovators.

The school’s outreach extends beyond U.S. borders to form international collaborations. Global outreach opens the door to opportunities for faculty and students to exchange knowledge, learn about different cultures and expand horizons.

Contact Info

K-12/Community College

Leyla Riley
Director of Outreach
(949) 824-4659


Analia Rao
Executive Director



Lily Wu
Director of Academic Innovation & Programs
(949) 824-4613