Color Palette

This color palette may be used in printed documents, charts, graphs and PowerPoint presentations. Shown on this page are color specifications for the school's logos and wordmarks for use in web/digital RGB applications.

Please refer to either a swatch book or the formulas outlined in this section and please do not use this section or the output of a desktop color printer for color matching.

The secondary color palette (shown below) can be used to embellish pamphlets, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, websites and other collateral material.

If you have any questions, please contact Thank you. 

Download the PDF color palette here.


Primary Color Palette

Color Palette - Blue

CMYK: 100/66/0/33
RGB: 3/56/109
Web: #00386d


Color Palette - Gold

CMYK: 0/30/100/0
RGB: 245/169/15
Web: #f5a90f


Secondary Color Palette


CMYK: 100/75/35/30
RGB: 32/48/67
Web: #203043


Color Palette - CBE

CMYK: 100/70/40/0
RGB: 40/71/96
Web: #284760


Color Palette - CEE

CMYK: 100/40/30/0
RGB: 30/106/132
Web: #1e6a84


Color Palette - EECS

CMYK: 75/20/30/0
RGB: 82/129/136
Web: #528188


Color Palette - MSE

CMYK: 65/10/40/0
RGB: 112/160/149
Web: #70a095


Color Palette - MAE

CMYK: 50/0/50/0
RGB: 158/199/153
Web: #9ec799

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