Accelerated Status Program

Exceptionally promising UCI undergraduate Engineering students may, during their junior, senior, or fifth year, apply for streamlined admission into a graduate program within The Samueli School of Engineering.

Program Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be in their 3rd year or beyond of undergraduate study.
  • Must also hold a cumulative grade point average of 3.5+ OR be in the Campuswide Honors Program.
  • Must have completed one quarter of 199 Individual Research within Engineering OR one Engineering graduate course numbered 200-289.

How to Petition

Students are required to submit an Accelerated Status Petition Form, as well as the Faculty Advisor Recommendation Form and Letter of Recommendation (emailed directly from faculty member) to Graduate and Professional Studies via email at Students may join the Accelerated Status Program at any time in 3rd year or later. It is recommended to join as early as possible to take advantage of the opportunities provided. Students are strongly encouraged to petition no later than December 1st of their last undergraduate year.

What are the advantages of this status?

The Accelerated Status Program assists students in their preparation for graduate study by offering a head start on graduate coursework as well as by allowing students to create an advisor/advisee relationship early.

Students in the Accelerated Status Program can begin their graduate coursework while still an undergraduate student. If students are offered MS admissions, they may petition to transfer up to 18 units of graduate-level (200 series) courses toward their MS degree requirements. We encourage students to email a graduate counselor at prior to taking any graduate courses. If graduate units were earned during undergraduate study, a letter from your undergraduate counselor is required stating coursework was not used towards bachelor degree. In addition, Accelerated Status students are eligible for reimbursement of their UCI Engineering graduate application fee if and when they matriculate to the graduate program.

Students within the program are also exempt from UCI's GRE requirement for MS application. Students applying directly to the Ph.D. program will still need to complete the GRE requirement. Accelerated Status applicants are otherwise evaluated in the same manner as other applicants to the School's graduate programs.

Important notes about applying to graduate school

  • Completing the Accelerated Status Program Petition does not mean that the student has applied nor been admitted for graduate admission to the University.
  • In addition, this program is designed for students applying for graduate school immediately after their undergraduate completion.
  • Benefits such as application fee reimbursement and GRE waiver are automatically applicable if the student applies to the graduate program(s) within the same academic department as their undergraduate major(s). For students interested in applying to other graduate programs, applicants should consult with the admissions chair of that graduate program.
  • In order to receive the benefits of the Accelerated Status program as a graduate student, students must apply to graduate school the Fall quarter immediately after completing their undergraduate studies.

If you are interested in learning more about this option, please schedule a meeting with a Graduate Counselor by calling 949-824-8090 or emailing us at