Academic Personnel

Academic Leaves of Absence

The Samueli School follows the campus policy on academic leaves with or without Pay. Academic employees are required to request advance approval for leaves without salary of any length and leaves with salary of 7 or more calendar days during academic service periods. Generally, service periods include academic quarters and exclude intersession periods. Summer is excluded unless teaching during summer session or earning summer salary for research. The full policy can be downloaded, below.

Course Buyout Program

The Samueli School procedure for course buyout will permit ladder rank senate faculty to negotiate with their department chair to reduce their course assignments by charging a component of academic-year salary to alternate funding, such as extramural awards. Forms must be submitted well in advance of the start of the pay period. Approval is contingent upon the request being accommodated without negative impact to the teaching program, as determined by the department chair.

Faculty Recruiting Allocation Strategy

The first round of the Investments in Innovation and Excellence (I2E) process was launched in the 2012-13 academic year. In 2015 we will initiate another round of School-wide activities to develop our faculty allocation strategy for the next 2-3 years, beginning with the Fall 2015 recruiting season. The deadline for proposals to be submitted to the Dean is March 1, 2015. See the links, below, for more information.

Non-Senate Actions

The attached documents provide information related to initial appointments, revisions, renewals and academic reviews of non-senate academic appointees, as an aid to Samueli School academic personnel coordinators.

Redelegation to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

The attached document describes which actions Dean Washington retains signature authority for and which have been redelegated to Asociate Dean Faryar Jabbari.

Salary Exchange Program

The Samueli School procedure for charging academic year salaries to extramural funding will permit ladder rank senate faculty to charge a component of academic-year salary to extramural funding awarded to the Principal Investigator (PI), if allowable to the sponsor. This would create salary savings from the state funded provision, providing a mechanism for the School to support temporary commitments and for the PI to support research needs.

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