Kia Awarded IEEE Control Systems Magazine's Outstanding Paper

Solmaz Kia with IEEE Plaque

Jan. 12, 2022 Solmaz Kia, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, has been awarded the IEEE Control Systems magazine Outstanding Paper Award for her article “Tutorial on Dynamic Average Consensus: The Problem, Its Applications, and the Algorithms.” The research was featured on the cover of the May 17, 2019, issue.

The award honors an outstanding article or column published in the IEEE Control Systems magazine during the two calendar years preceding the year of the award, based on impact on and benefit to Control Systems Society members. Kia was recognized at the 2021 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control in December 2021, which was virtual and broadcast on

The editors noted that the article provides an overview of the dynamic average consensus problem. What distinguishes the paper was that a tutorial reference did not previously exist that presented recent developments in a unified way. Rather than providing a full account of all of the available literature, the paper introduced the main ideas behind dynamic average consensus algorithms, the performance tradeoffs considered in their design, and the requirements needed for their analysis and convergence guarantees. They emphasize the value and utility of the algorithms and results.

“It is an absolute pleasure to accept this award and a real honor to join the distinguished list of past recipients,” said Kia in her acceptance speech. “We decided to write this paper to provide the control systems community with a unified view of the solutions for dynamic average consensus problem and especially how these algorithms can be used as a powerful tool in design of distributed network operations. Our tutorial paper, of course, originates from the collective wisdom of a large number of contributors to the field of algorithm design for networked systems. Therefore, a special thanks should definitely go to those contributors, as well.”

Paper collaborators included Bryan Van Scoy, Miami University; Jorge Cortés and Sonia Martínez, UC San Diego; and Randy A. Freeman and Kevin M. Lynch, Northwestern University.

The IEEE Control Systems magazine publishes tutorial and expository articles on all areas of control system design and applications and is the largest circulation technical periodical worldwide devoted to all aspects of control systems.

– Tonya Becerra