CBE Seminar (Zoom): Careers for Researchers in the Publishing Industry and Getting Your Paper Published

Zoom link to be distributed by CBE department (For non-UCI people: see link below to register)
Alanna Gannon, Ph.D.

Associate Editor
John Wiley & Sons

Non-UCI people, please use this registration link: https://forms.gle/CcjTzxXqtHp3Ww2w6

Abstract: In my presentation, I will cover two broad topics: (1) Career opportunities for researchers in the publishing industry. My talk will focus on the different roles inside the editorial offices of academic journals and the skills and interests that are prerequisites for successful editorial careers in scholarly publishing; and (2) Scientific Publishing. Publishing your research is an integral part of the scientific process, yet researchers often don't know how journals operate and how to maximize success during the publication process. To shine light on this black box of scientific publishing, I'll discuss what happens after a paper is submitted, the role of the editor and how the peer-review process works. I'll also provide some general writing and submission tips to help you to publish your research.

Bio: Alanna Gannon is an associate editor in the Materials Science and Physics Group at Wiley, where she handles the peer-review of biomedical research manuscripts for the journals Advanced Science, Advanced Materials Interfaces and Global Challenges. She has a Ph.D. in biomechanical engineering from Trinity College Dublin in the field of articular cartilage biomechanics and tissue engineering. Before joining Wiley in 2020, Gannon was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, investigating regenerative medicine applications for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes working in the Harvard School of Engineering and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Gannon is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Host: Professor Herdeline Ardoña