CEE@UCI Ph.D. Defense Announcement:Scheduling is All You Need in Node- and Link-Based Frameworks for Future Traffic Control

AIRB 4080
Pengyuan Sun

Pengyuan Sun, Ph.D. Candidate

University of California, Irvine, 2024

Professor R. Jayakrishnan

Abstract: Traditional traffic control with stop-and-goes has been done for over a century, but should we still hold the presumption that future traffic control brings more traffic risk? Beginning with the simplest idea of scheduling, next-generation traffic controls can be achieved through eco-driving across various scenarios and leads to a new paradigm in traffic control that is link-based instead of traditional node-based signalized controls. Furthermore, a mathematical model is proposed to conduct traffic safety analysis. Simulations demonstrate that these models significantly improve traffic efficiency, reduce environmental impact, save fuel and potentially enhance traffic safety.