Entrepreneur Fast Pitch

Winter Quarter 2013 Entrepreneurship Seminar Series

Featuring Richard Sudek, Ph.D., Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels and Director of the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship, Chapman University

Free and open to the public

An entrepreneur at a young age, Richard Sudek’s childhood business efforts were non-stop. After receiving his B.S. in Computer Science from University of California at Irvine, Sudek founded his first company with $250 dollars. Nadek, a data networking design, implementation and support firm, grew from a small startup to a successful organization, serving clients like Microsoft, Boeing, ARCO, Universal Studios and SCE. After considering offers from a dozen corporations, in 1999 Sudek sold the business to SAIC, a $10 billion dollar international firm.


Dr. Sudek currently is an active angel investor, and Chairman Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels (TCA). Through TCA, Dr. Sudek has screened in excess of 1,000 startup companies.  Dr. Sudek serves as Research Committee Chair for Angel Capital Association (ACA), a national organization of angel groups throughout the U.S. representing over 8,000 angels.


Dr. Sudek completed a Ph.D. in Management at Claremont Graduate University.  He is The Director of the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at the Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University. 


The Entrepreneurship Seminar Series provides a real-world introduction to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship.  Through a series of presentations by prestigious entrepreneurs and industry leaders, participants will explore the various organizational, strategic and financial challenges facing successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.  Topics include start-up strategies, business idea evaluation, business plan writing, and introduction to venture capital.

For a complete listing of Entrepreneurship Seminar Series guest speakers, please visit http://www.eng.uci.edu/events/entseminars.