Marc Madou
Philippe Renaud (philippe.renaud@epfl.ch)

EPFL Masters Students work at UCI on Master Thesis projects.

Philippe Renaud is Professor at the Microsystem Laboratory (LMIS4) at EPFL. He is also the scientific director of the EPFL Center of MicroNanoTechnology (CMI). His main research area is related to micronano technologies in biomedical applications (BioMEMS) with emphasis on cell-chips, nanofluidics and bioelectronics.



Master students from EPFL must do a project (6 months). We have had 2 such students in UCI’s BIOMEMS Labs so far. These students are fully supported by EPFL. Here are two EPFL/UCI students.


Christian Adamczyk at UCI in 2011

Electroactive Polymers and Glucose Sensors

EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland



Samuel Kilchenmann at UCI in 2010

(EPFL Laussane, Switzerland) C-MEMS