Choi Named an AIMBE Fellow


March 26, 2024 - The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) has inducted Bernard Choi into its 2024 Class of the College of Fellows. Choi, a professor of biomedical engineering, was recognized for his “outstanding contributions to developing optical techniques to image microvascular structure and function and for serving the biophotonics and biomedical engineering community.”

Choi’s research interests include the development and application of in vivo optical imaging methods and technologies for monitoring of biological tissues in normal and diseased states, and for novel therapy discovery. He also leads research efforts on the use of chemical agents to reduce the optical scattering of biological tissue.

Choi was among 163 fellows who were inducted at the AIMBE Annual Event in Arlington, Virginia, on March 25, 2024. AIMBE fellows are selected for their outstanding contributions in their field. A prestigious professional distinction, the College of Fellows represents the top 2% of medical and biological engineers in the country.

“It is an absolute honor to be inducted into AIMBE,” said Choi. “I am very grateful to my colleagues in biomedical engineering and at the Beckman Laser Institute, and especially to the outstanding members of my laboratory over the past two decades, with whom it has been a tremendous pleasure to work. I also am eternally thankful to my family for their support.”

AIMBE’s mission is to recognize excellence, advance public understanding, and accelerate medical and biological innovation. Its College of Fellows includes over 1,500 honorees who work in academia, industry, clinical practice and government.

– Lori Brandt