Graduate Student Receives IEEE Fellowship

Md Hedayatullah Maktoomi has received a graduate fellowship from the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society in support of his research enabling the next generation of communication systems.

March 6, 2023 - Electrical engineering and computer science graduate student Md Hedayatullah Maktoomi won a graduate fellowship from the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society. Maktoomi is among 12 students from around the world to receive the prestigious award. It includes a grant of $6,000 for his research and $1,000 to attend the IEEE International Microwave Symposium conference in San Diego in June.

Under the advisement of assistant professor Hamidreza Aghasi, Maktoomi is working on technology that would enable the next generation of  communication systems. Sub-terahertz communication systems promise a higher data rate compared to older counterparts such as 5G cellular mobile systems. These would serve new data hungry applications such as extended reality, enhanced mobile broadband plus and terabits per second connectivity, all of which are being developed for a broad range of applications in entertainment, healthcare, security and manufacturing.

Maktoomi plans to design a novel power radiator that would push the boundaries of broadband power generation for emerging applications at sub-terahertz frequencies using commercial integrated circuit semi-conductor technologies.

– Lori Brandt