Ayanoglu Named IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer

Ender Ayanoglu

March 7, 2022Ender Ayanoglu, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, has been named an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer for 2022-2023.

The Distinguished Lecturer Program connects senior members, who are communications technology experts, with IEEE Communications Society chapters to share their knowledge, expertise and insights into the future of communications technology.

Ayanoglu’s current research addresses next-generation wireless, broadband and optical communications. He is interested in the design, analysis and optimization of communication systems, algorithms and chips for broadband ubiquitous communications.

Previously, he focused on various areas of communications, including lossless and lossy data compression, voiceband modems, optical networks, packet networks (both ATM and IP networks), wireless packet networks, fixed wireless broadband access and wireless LANs.

As an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, Ayanoglu will present on five topics. These include machine learning and communications, specifically for spectrum sharing, anomaly detection and security. “A machine learning algorithm called generative adversarial network (GAN) has been very successful originally in image processing applications,” said Ayanoglu. “An example is creating photographs that cannot be distinguished from real people. This technique has found many uses in several fields, including wireless communications.”

Other topics will include reflective intelligent surfaces, a recent technology expected to improve capacity and provide coexistence in wireless networks; spectral and energy efficiency in cellular wireless networks; a technique known as erasure coding for recovering from failures in communication networks; and increasing modem speeds.

Ayanoglu explained, “I plan to volunteer to give these lectures, both online and in person, to increase the visibility of our work as well as seek ways of collaboration with my colleagues in various parts of the world.”

– Tonya Becerra