Valdevit Selected as ASME Fellow

Lorenzo Valdevit is elevated to fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

June 1, 2021 - Lorenzo Valdevit, professor of materials science and engineering, has been named a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in recognition of his outstanding engineering achievements.

Valdevit conducts research in the general area of mechanics of materials and structures. He has worked on the optimal design of multifunctional sandwich structures for aerospace applications (hypersonic vehicles in particular) and the thermo-mechanical characterization of organic substrates for the electronics packaging industry (in collaboration with IBM Research). Currently, his primary research goal is the optimal design, fabrication and experimental characterization of micro-architected materials with superior combination of properties. Valdevit is the inaugural director of UCI’s Institute for Design and Manufacturing Innovation, which works to establish the university as a national leader in advanced manufacturing through research, education and outreach.

The distinction of ASME fellow is bestowed upon members of the society with 10 or more years of active practice and at least 10 years of active corporate membership. Only 3,000 of the more than 90,000 members are selected as fellows.

– Lori Brandt