Scientific Society Announces Two in Engineering as Fellows

Pramod Khargonekar and Carter ButtsDec. 3, 2018 - The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world’s largest general scientific society, has named two Samueli School engineering professors as fellows. Pramod Khargonekar and Carter Butts are among seven UC Irvine faculty selected this year for their efforts to further science or its applications.

Khargonekar, vice chancellor for research and a Distinguished Professor of electrical engineering & computer science, was recognized for his contributions to systems and control theory, applications to manufacturing and energy, and leadership in engineering research, education and innovation.

“I am deeply honored,” said Khargonekar. “I find the AAAS’s mission to advance science, engineering and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people to be truly inspirational, and I am delighted to be a fellow of such a great association of scientists and engineers.”

Butts, professor of sociology with a joint appointment in electrical engineering and computer science, was acknowledged for distinguished contributions to the modeling of relational structure and dynamics in humans and nonhumans, alone and in groups, using mathematical, computational and statistical approaches.

 “It is a great honor to have my work recognized by the AAAS,” said Butts. “The interdisciplinary environment of the Samueli School has been key in allowing me to pursue research that brings together engineering and the social sciences.”

New AAAS fellows will receive an official certificate and a gold-and-blue rosette pin on Feb. 16, 2019, at the organization’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

– Lori Brandt

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