Madou Joins Mexican Academy of Sciences

Chancellor's Professor Marc MadouDec. 5, 2018 - The Mexican Academy of Sciences has invited Marc Madou to join its ranks as a corresponding member. Madou, a UC Irvine Chancellor’s Professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, specializes in the application of miniaturization technology to chemical and biological problems (BIO-MEMS).

At the Samueli School, he works on carbon-MEMS, a CD-based microfluidic platform and equipment for use in extreme point of care (EPOC). He collaborates with scientists internationally (Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark, Spain, India and Mexico), but especially in India and Mexico, and currently has projects with colleagues at Tecnologico de Monterrey and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Madou publishes with his Mexican colleagues in the areas of carbon-MEMS and CD-fluidics EPOC.

The Mexican Academy of Sciences, established in 1959, is a nonprofit non-governmental association of distinguished members of the Mexican scientific community. It seeks to promote scientific development in Mexico, and to foster communication and collaboration with scholars in other countries.

“I am very proud of this honor, and it inspires me to extend my research in Mexico even further,” said Madou. “I have come to love Mexico for its warmth and for the friends I have made there. Over the years we have published more than 25 papers with Mexican co-authors, and we are now looking at starting companies and introducing EPOC products in a collaboration between India and Mexico.”

“We look forward to continuing to engage in an active, mutually beneficial collaboration,” wrote the Academy in its notification letter to Madou.

– Lori Brandt