Jafarkhani’s Seminal Paper on Wireless Communications Technology Recognized

Hamid JafarkhaniUCI Chancellor’s Professor Hamid Jafarkhani has been recognized by the IEEE for a paper he published 15 years ago.  The IEEE Communications Society Award for Advances in Communication is given to an outstanding paper that opens new lines of work, envisions bold approaches to communications, formulates new problems to solve and essentially enlarges the field of communications engineering.  

Jafarkhani’s paper, published in 1999, described his research on space-time block coding, a technique used today in wireless communication systems. Jafarkhani was working at AT&T Labs when he and his colleagues established the concept of space-time block coding and showed how to design codes for a wireless communications system with multiple antennas, such as Wi-Fi. Today, space-time block coding is a well-established field in communications, actively researched and widely used. This paper has been cited more than 1,000 times.

“It is an honor to receive such a prestigious award,” says Jafarkhani, a professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences and director of UCI’s Center for Pervasive Communications and Computing.