Soroosh Sorooshian Honored with Horton Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Hydrology

Soroosh SorooshianSept., 2013 - The American Geophysical Union has awarded UC Irvine Distinguished Professor Soroosh Sorooshian the 2013 Horton Medal for his outstanding contributions to hydrology.

“I am humbled by this honor,” says Sorooshian, director of UCI’s Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing (CHRS). “While this wonderful recognition comes to me, it is a shared honor with all my former and current students, and collaborators over the past 30 years of my academic career.”

The Horton Medal, named in honor of Robert E. Horton, is given annually and recognizes individuals whose passion, vision, creativity, and leadership have expanded scientific understanding, illuminated new research directions, and made Earth and space science thrilling, immediate, and relevant to audiences beyond as well as within the scientific community.

According to the recommendation of the Horton Medal Committee, “Professor Sorooshian essentially defined the field of model calibration and has shaped the course of its evolution. He is a clear leader and pioneer in what might be called operational hydrology. The impact of his work is reflected not only in terms of scientific citations, but also in the use of his ideas and works by hydrologic research community and operational agencies. He has mentored many students who have leading positions in academia, industry and governmental agencies. In addition, he has been a clear and established leader across the global hydrological sciences community for decades. Sorooshian is one of the top few scientific ambassadors in the hydrology community, promoting hydrologic science and new frontier research programs to the general public and to nations’ and world decision makers.”

The AGU will award the medal to Sorooshian during the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting Honors Tribute in December in San Francisco.