Samueli School Congratulates Service Award Recipients

Engineering staff members honored for continued service to UC Irvine

The Henry Samueli School of Engineering would like to congratulate and thank our long-term staff members for their hard work and commitment to the education mission of the campus and the Samueli School.

Five Years
Lorrie Aguirre
Paul Bautista  
Yi-San Chang-Yen
Michael Crespin
Thanh Le
Goran Matijasevic
Vu Phan     

Ten Years
Celina Bran
Richard Louis Hack
Christy King
Janice Paulowsky
Karen Stephens

Fifteen Years
Kathryn Haq

Twenty Years
Theodore Ediss
John Romine

Twenty-Five Years
Marilyn Armentrout
Janice Holstein  

Thirty Years
Craig Behrens 

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