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Daily Pilot

UC Irvine launches interdisciplinary engineering research institutes with $50M gift

Daily Pilot -
With a $50-million gift from the couple [Henry and Susan Samueli] that UC Irvine’s engineering school was named for, three new multidisciplinary research institutes will be established under its roof to better foster collaboration across engineering and three other sectors: public health, society and the environment. These institutes will run under the banner of Engineering+ and will be within the Henry Samueli School of Engineering …. Magnus Egerstedt, the Stacey Nicholas dean of engineering, said Engineering+ at UCI will be “a model for universities worldwide on how this can be structured.” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to] Read More

Samuelis gift UCI $50 million for health, society and environmental research

The Orange County Register -
A donation to UC Irvine‘s engineering school from philanthropists and Anaheim Ducks owners Susan and Henry Samueli will help the university launch three research institutes for health, society and the environment. Susan and Henry Samueli, who UCI’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering is named after, gave the university a $50 million gift which will allow the university to create the research institutes under the banner “Engineering+.” “The gift is actually going to really transform how we think about the role of engineering broadly,” said Magnus Egerstedt, dean of the engineering school. “What this gift is allowing us to do is set up a structure that allows us to really become deeply collaborative and multidisciplinary in a way that you really haven’t seen much.” [Subscription required, campus-wide access provided by UCI Libraries. Sign-up here:] Read More
Orange County Business Journal

Samuelis Donate $50M For UCI Engineering

Orange County Business Journal -
Broadcom Inc. Chairman Henry Samueli and his wife, Susan are donating an additional $50 million to the University of California, Irvine. Their latest gift is for engineering-focused research aimed at improving health, the environment and society as a whole, and will lead to the creation of three new multidisciplinary research institutes at the existing Henry Samueli School of Engineering [grouped together under the theme “Engineering+”] They include the Engineering and Health Institute, Engineering and Society Institute and Engineering and Environment Institute. … The gift boosts the Samueli family’s reported giving at UCI past the $300 million mark. Their involvement at the university has spanned nearly 25 years and includes a variety of educational areas. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to] Read More

New film puts spotlight on San Clemente’s disappearing beaches

The Orange County Register -
A newly released short film, “Running Out of Time: The Race to Save San Clemente’s Beaches” puts a spotlight on the quaint coastal town’s disappearing sand, and the consequences of losing its most precious resource. … Brett Sanders, a UCI professor of civil and environmental engineering, talked about the science of sand and how the area suffered from a tipping point during strong El Nino storms a few years ago when ocean levels rose several centimeters and the resulting erosion that was able to occur “led to a permanent decline of the beach width over time.” [Subscription required, campus-wide access provided by UCI Libraries. Sign-up here:] Read More
Solar Power World

University of California, Irvine, opens research microgrid in Shadow Mountain community

Solar Power World -
The Advanced Power and Energy Program at the University of California, Irvine, joined the U.S. Department of Energy, KB Home, SunPower, Southern California Edison and Schneider Electric on May 22 to officially open the novel microgrid communities located in the Shadow Mountain master plan in Menifee, California. … “This is at the cutting edge of the next generation of home developments,” said Scott Samuelsen, professor of mechanical, aerospace and environmental engineering and the co-principal investigator with SunPower. “For homeowners, the digital age and home charging of electric vehicles demands the enhanced home energy security provided by microgrid technology.” Read More

Pneumatic computer uses pressure instead of electricity

New Scientist -
Lab-on-a-chip devices have been pursued for decades as smaller, cheaper and portable alternatives to manually doing routine biochemistry with clunky glassware. While some biochemical experiments have been miniaturised … most of these devices require much more equipment than just a chip. “You could hold the chip in your hand, and everything would be happening on that chip, but if you zoomed out, you would see a refrigerator-sized box that is controlling it. That’s not really lab-on-a-chip,” says Elliot Hui, [associate professor of biomedical engineering] at the University of California, Irvine. He and his colleagues set out to replace that huge box with a tiny computer that doesn’t need electricity and fits inside each lab-on-a-chip. Read More

Climate savior or ‘Monsanto of the sea’?

Food & Environmental Reporting Network -
As climate change intensifies, people are “panicking,” said Kristen Davis, [associate] professor of civil and environmental engineering and earth system science at University of California, Irvine. Added to this sense of urgency is a culture clash between scientists and environmentalists who favor a more precautionary approach and the tech industry’s “fake it till you make it” ethos, she said. Davis is part of a growing number of scientists, small-scale harvesters, and environmental groups that caution that some of these new ventures are rushing ahead before fundamental questions about how much kelp can responsibly be farmed – and how much carbon it can actually sequester — are answered. “The clock is ticking,” Davis said, “and people just want to move really fast.” Read More

Could seaweed be the 'fastest and least expensive' tool to fight climate change?

National Geographic -
Climate change is intensifying, and people are “panicking,” says Kristen Davis, [associate] professor of civil and environmental engineering and earth system science at University of California, Irvine. But seizing on seaweed-based carbon removal as a solution before the science is settled, she says, could cause environmental harm or distract from more surefire strategies, such as swiftly cutting emissions. “The science is not there yet to actually confirm that it’s a good idea,” Davis says. Read More
Irvine Standard

UCI professor sets drone flight record

Irvine Standard -
UC Irvine professor of electrical engineering and computer science Peter Burke has broken a Guinness World Record – for flying a drone halfway around the world. Burke and his team used cloud computing and the internet to fly the drone 11,440 miles, from Irvine to the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean. Read More
Irvine Standard

Meet the extraordinary class of 2023

Irvine Standard -
Elizabeth Chiu B.S., Mechanical Engineering Medtronic Neurovascular has hired Chiu as a research and development engineer after she interned there the past two summers. … At UCI, Chiu served as president of the Society of Women Engineers, named the Most Outstanding Student Organization among UCI’s 600 student organizations, while she earned the title President of the Year. She also served as project manager of UCI’s groundbreaking HyperXite team. Read More