Commercialization and Searching for a Business Model: Why is Spinning Technology Out of a Lab so Challenging?

Errol Arkilic
Beckman Laser Institute Library (up to 16 attendees in person) and Zoom Free Hybrid Event
Errol Arkilic, Ph.D.

Chief Innovation Officer, UCI 
Executive Director, Beall Applied Innovation

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Abstract: In this talk, we will explore the four critical challenges of getting technology out of a lab. Errol Arkilic has spent his entire career helping to get technology out of academic labs. He has been founder StrataGent Life Sciences, Inc., lead program manager for the NSF SBIR program, founder of the NSF I-Corps program and founder of M34 Capital, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.

Bio: Errol Arkilic, chief innovation officer and executive director of UCI Beall Applied Innovation, leads campuswide commercialization activity, helping researchers turn knowledge into products and services that impact society. Prior to his role at UCI, he was founder and CEO of M34 Capital. M34 is a private investment company that focuses on seed and early stage projects being spun out of academic research labs. He currently sits on three boards: Growcentia, Inc., NeuroTrainer, Inc., and Ellis Day Skin Science, Inc. Previously, Arkilic was the founding and lead program director for the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps program (I‐Corps). He led the I‐Corps effort from its inception until July 2013. Prior to this, he was the lead software and services program director for the NSF SBIR program. Before his government service, he was founder and CEO of StrataGent Life Sciences (Acquired by Corium International: CORI) and manager of product engineering at Redwood Microsystems. He has a doctorate in aero/astro engineering from MIT.

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Hosted by Thomas Milner, Ph.D., Director, BLI