Mechanisms of Action of Electroacupuncture in Cardiovascular Regulation

Engineering Tower 201
Technology of Life Course Series

Featuring John Longhurst, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering

UC Irvine

Free and open to the public

Enrolled UCI students have priority seating

The Technology of Life course will discuss the complexities of biological problems and the solutions of living systems, illustrating the interplay between the different components of life, such as DNA, RNA, proteins macromolecular complexes, signaling networks, cells, organs, and organ systems. Ideas for adoption of the nature’s strategies to modern micro/nano-engineering will also be covered. Through individual topics, students will learn fundamentals of biological systems with an emphasis on their analogues in engineering technology.

Additionally, attendees will be exposed to experimental methods for exploring life systems, system engineering modeling of biology, and applications of life technology to designing life-chips. This course is supported by the LifeChips program at UC Irvine, which is dedicated to promoting the union of technology arts and life sciences through research and education at the micro and nano scales.

For more information about Lifechips program, or fellowship opportunity, please visit This course will be jointly taught by professors from physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. The course is hosted by Professors G.P. Li, Eva Lee, and Mark Bachman.

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