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Image Name Title Department Location Phone Email
Cesar Barrios Cesar Barrios Academic Counselor Student Affairs Undergraduate 314B Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-4301
Katarina Barron Katarina Barron GPS Student Services Advisor Student Affairs Graduate 5400 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3562
Paul Bautista Computer Resource Specialist Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility 3311 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-0322
Belinda Bennett Academic Personnel Analyst Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 3200 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-4998
Regina Bolotin Regina Bolotin Purchasing & Reimbursements Manager Dean's Office 5284 Engineering Hall (949) 824-1332
Dan Braithwaite Programmer Civil and Environmental Engineering 5344 Engineering Hall (949) 824-8823
Nicole Butteling Payroll Coordinator Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 3200 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-5469
Holly Byrnes Chief Administrative Officer Biomedical Engineering 3123 Natural Sciences II (949) 824-5184