Graduate Policies and Procedures

It is the student's responsibility to know and understand the policies, rules and regulations as they relate to gradute study at UC Irvine in the Henry Samueli School of Engineering. Below are some of the most common policy and procedure topics Engineering graduate students encounter. Please do not hesistate to contact Graduate and Professional Studies with any questions.

Graduate Student Handbook

The Engineering Graduate Student Handbook provides a comprehensive listing of the rules, regulations and policies for graduate study at the School-level within the Samueli School of Engineering. Please note that this handbook is to be used in conjunction with your department-specific Graduate Student Handbook (if applicable) and/or Graduate Program Guidelines.

Academic Honesty Procedure within Engineering

A student who is found to have committed an act of academic dishonesty will be given a warning for their first incident unless the act is egregious. If egregious, then a student is subject to immediate academic disqualification. If not egregious, then any future incidents will result in academic disqualification. You can view the Academic Honesty policy under Quick Links for more information.

For more information on how to avoid plagiarism, please review the helpful PDF under Quick Links.

Degree Requirements & Catalogue Rights

Students are required to complete the degree requirements as listed in the UCI Catalogue of the year that they entered the University; this is known as a student's "catalogue rights". Please note that, on occasion, some differences may arise between the requirements listed in the student's catalogue and the degree requirements listed on the M.S. Plan of Study due to the timing between when the Catalogue was "printed" and when the change was approved by the Academic Senate. In such cases, students will be notified by their department and/or Graduate and Professional Studies.

Enrollment Schedule and Timeline Information

Please refer to the graph below in regards to your timeline for dropping a course, changing units, and adding a course. Please note that the deadline to make any changes via WebReg is Friday of week 2 of each academic quarter.

Click on the Applications tab in StudentAccess and select Enrollment Exceptions. Choose the appropriate enrollment action in order to petition for an exception. Upon submission, your exception request will be forwarded for review to the appropriate offices/people. Requests are typically acted upon within 2-3 business days per reviewer. There is no guarantee that your Enrollment Exception request(s) will be approved. If approved, the effective date of your request is based on the date and time you submitted your Enrollment Exception request, not the date and time it was approved. Therefore, the deadline date related to W grades is enforced using the time and date of your submission. Beginning the third week of instruction, a single fee of $3 will be charged for all approved enrollment transactions and will be billed on ZOT Account Online.

Enrolling in Undergraduate Courses

Graduate students are restricted from enrolling in undergraduate courses using WebReg. As such, if you would like to enroll in an Engineering undergraduate course, please follow these directions:

  1. Contact the professor of the Engineering course, stating that you are a graduate student wishing to enroll in their undergraduate course and asking whether or not they approve of this request.
  2. If the professor approves, forward the email to the Curriculum Office at In the email, please also include your full name, your student ID number, the course number, and the 5-digit course code for your request. If there is a lab or discussion, then be sure to include the 5-digit course code for the preferred day and time.
  3. You will be notified over email when you are able to enroll in the course using WebReg (typically 3-5 business days after the request is submitted).

As a reminder, only upper division undergraduate courses (100-189) have the potential to count toward your MS degree requirements so students should check with the appropriate Graduate Advisor for approval. Lower division courses (1-89) cannot be applied to your graduate degree.

Please note that we can authorize students to enroll in courses offered within the Samueli School of Engineering ONLY. Students interested in taking non-Engineering courses must contact the faculty of that course and must abide by that School's course enrollment policies.