New Graduate Students

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the UCI campus this Fall 2021! This notice will provide you with information as to what steps you should be completing between now and your arrival to campus. Please read it over carefully as it contains a lot of important information. If, after reading this email, you have questions, please reply to this email and we would be happy to assist you.

Fall 2021 Update:
UCI is closely monitoring COVID-19 and associated communications from the county, state and federal authorities. The University will continue to provide updates through the website, and take steps to ensure the health and safety of our students. 

At this time, UCI is planning on having graduate-level courses offered on campus this Fall. We understand that some students are concerned about being able to arrive in Irvine before the start of the quarter. If so, please discuss this with the department staff.

Best regards,
Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS)
Samueli School of Engineering

General List: Things To Do After You've Been Admitted

Registration Information

Fee Payment
A breakdown of FULL-TIME and PART-TIME graduate student fees will be posted once finalized at in the next month.

Enrolling in Units
FULL-TIME = 12 or more units per quarter (maximum 16 units).

PART-TIME = 1 to 8 units only per quarter. Note: only domestic MS students are eligible for part-time study and can request it via the Reduced Fee Part-Time Study Program form (email graduate coordinator for the form) if submitted by appropriate deadline.


ENROLLING is a two-step process: 

1) Students will use WebSOC to look up what courses are offered for the Fall 2021 quarter.

2) Students will then complete the registration for those courses using WebReg (click on the yellow "Access WebReg" link on the right-hand side).


Resources to help you choose courses are:

Course Numbering System - UCI uses the following numbering system for its courses:

  • 0-99: Lower-Division Undergraduate Courses (cannot be counted toward graduate degree)
  • 100-195:  Upper-Division Undergraduate Courses (some programs allow a limited of these units to be counted toward the MS degree. Consult with your Graduate Coordinator to determine approval). 
  • 196-199: Upper-Division Undergraduate Research Units (not appropriate for graduate students)
  • 200-298: Graduate-Level Coursework
    • Courses with the "P" suffix are restricted to students in the M.Eng program only
  • 296, 297, and 299: Graduate-Level Research